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Where are we from


They use me as research.


Brought up on Wallows Lane so had to be a saddler really. Moved to Brownhills (Well, shire oak) in 2001 when I was 9 … been over this way ever since.


I live in Birmingham and have supported Walsall for many years and am a long standing season ticket holder.Go to all home and some away games.I have some very good memories but a lot of painful ones.
At the moment we have a chairman who is invisible and a Board who should be charged with gross incompetence.When you read some of the other threads on supporters match day experiences it is no wonder that support is diminishing.


Posh git :laughing:


Brought up in New Invention, now reside in Newcastle-under-Lyme.


Yes it is very frustrating with our board at the moment plus living in Birmingham surrounded by villa and blues fans. Fair play it’s good to hear so many walsall fans living in Birmingham


just a pity the club doesn’t look after them and try and encourage more …


I wonder how many people with a Walsall post code go and support the team.It would be well under one percent of the population of Walsall which is pathetic.The Board have talked for many years about reaching out and persuading more local people to attend-as with a lot of other things they have failed miserably!


Yes totally agree their attempts to entice local people , schoolkids to attend regular games is shocking, hence toilets in lower tier entry to games and they only seem interested in making money through the venue and the Sunday market!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Born and Bred West Bromwich


Born in Walsall. Lived in Brownhills, Pelsall and went to secondary school in Bloxwich. Moved to Newcastle Under Lyme for Uni (2011-2015) and now trekking down from Salford, Manchester for my every-other-Saturday-afternoon ‘entertainment’ like an idiot.


I’m Alfie Noakes and I’m from the naaarth.


Hatched in Bloxwich Maternity home on New Years Eve 74.
Grew up in Blakenall but now residing in the very quiet Norfolk.


Same as me mate on 19th april 1961 :+1:


same as you mate 9th august 1961 :+1:


Wylde Green here.


Alright posh boy :wink:




Fair play Wylde green is a big villa area


Born in Bloxwich, moved to Walsall (B’ham Rd & Highgate), went to Poly in Bristol (only reason being that we were in same division as City & Rovers), back to Walsall, Bristol (for a long time), now Corsham, Wilts (near Bath).