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Where are we from


Stafford, 1996. Spent 3 years at University in Liverpool, now living and studying in Cardiff


Born in saddler Road grew up on the wilkin Estate living wolvo now


Didn’t realise there were that many Walsall fans in the Sutton Area sometimes get the train from Wylde Green unfortunately have to change at Aston


:joy::joy::joy: thanks mate


Born in the Manor and lived in Bentley before moving onto Reedswood, until I moved out my parents house. I now live in Hednesford.


Brought up in Bloxwich and had one year back post (Newcastle) uni, then wandered around with work for 25 years. Now in Wellingborough, 11 miles east of Northampton.


Born at Sandwell, lived in Walsall till I was 4. Moved to Wednesbury just on the other side of the M6 where I could see the Bescot from my bedroom window. Started going during the 90’s when Lightbourne and Wilson were up front. Moved to Chesterfield 4 years ago and finding it difficult to make home games like I was 2-3 years ago.


Born in High Heath and moved to Walsall in the 60’s. Went Chuckery School then Manor Farm. Lived in and around Ambleside, Sevenoaks, Tiverton, Taunton, Devizes and Rushden. Now residing in Telford.


Well done.My son drives down from Liverpool for most home games and like you has enjoyed the roadworks known as the M6


Can only take my hat off to you supporter’s that are travelling all these mile’s to witness what’s going on at the Banks’s , i’m still local in Brownhill’s , and i am finding it harder to push myself to go down , and watch so well done :clap::clap:


Born in Walsall at the Manor almost 40 years ago.
Lived in Alumwell as a kid.
Moved to Milton Keynes when I was 10 and lived there ever since.
Regularly came up to 3-4 home games a season over the years.
Last 6 years have been a season ticket holder usually getting the train but occasionally driving up for midweek games.


Born at the Manor, lived in Pelsall, then Uni at Lancaster, back to Pelsall for 2 years, then Greater Manchester, Aylesbury and, for the last 28 years Huddersfield. Go to the Banks’s once or twice a season, plus any away matches in Yorks/Lancs etc.


Born in Walsall and grew up in Park Hall. Family are all West Brom fans, but i stayed loyal to my home town team after Kyle Lightbourne came to visit our infant school.

Moved to Worcester for uni but came back to Walsall before settling in Gornal. Although my neighbours are Dingles and my son being born in Russells Hall, his first game will be a Walsall one.


Born in Walsall and always lived local. One of the first families to live on Beechdale (then known as gypsy lane estate ) moved onto Leamore and then when married to Reedswood so reason for user name.
Only one in family interested in football then and now except my wife who I met on a coach going to away match and now after 47 years of marriage are still both ST holders and go to many away games.


I think it is really remarkable so many of you still travel miles to see the team. Well done to those that do so. I am from the Butts,went to Joseph Leckie School, later moved as far as Shelfield and now live near the Arboretum so I never had more than about 4 miles to travel!!


As the username suggests, I’m from the Pheasey estate which technically is in Great Barr (although it falls under Walsall Council - for the moment at least!). Lived on the estate all my live apart from 1 year in 2002/03 when I moved to Streetly. The area is very much a Villa stronghold, hardly any other Saddlers around unfortunately.


I went Barr beacon comp 1987 till 1992 an played for pheasey in walsall junior league an all the people I knew from those days apart from two people were all villa fans


Sutton born and bred. Currently Erdington via a stint in the Jewellery Quarter.

Attendance limited, and has been for a few years now.


I was at Barr Beacon til 1990. Sounds like you were in my brothers year at the school. Yes, Pheasey is very much a Villa area with a bit of Blues and Baggies thrown in. We are only about 5 miles from Villa Park, The Hawthorns and the Banks’s, but its very rare to see another Walsall fan round here.


Born in the Manor. Lived in Mellish Road for the first few years of my life - but I don’t remember much about that. I then lived in Pelsall until I went to Keele uni. (The supporters coach used to pick me up and drop me off at Keele services for away games.) After university it was Glasgow (a good overnight British Rail service down to the Midlands in those days), Turku, Helsinki, Istanbul, Girne (Northern Cyprus) and Hong Kong. I also spent a year in Vienna as part of my degree course.

As for Birmingham, I usually stay in the Adagio when over for matches. Can also be found in the Fryatt hotel or the Premier Inn Walsall.