Who would you want to keep for next season?

Out of the current squad I would go Bates Kinsella Perry Rose McDonald Norman Holden and if we can sign him Melbourne the rest can go for me.

Rose Holden Bates Perry and that’s about it.


Missed Holden out meant to include him edited lol.

Do not understand the Mcdonald love affair, bet he’s on a fair wack and apart from a handful of games he’s offered nothing, get rid.


Spot on.

Fair point I dont love him either just think he can offer something even if that’s as a squad player coming off the bench.

I would keep Kins, good squad player, plays with passion and heart and won’t be on a major wage.


Holden, Kinsella, Bates, Perry & Norman. That’s it for me…


I get the feeling he got caught up in the hype and expected a big move, now he’s realised he’s an average L2 winger.


I think if we want to be promoted we need to clear the dead wood and those who have been a real part of the failure.

Kinsella will not be in a promoted sides midfield for me pal. He’s not good enough on the ball and offers zero going forward.

He’s been in a side that failed being relegated, and then failed in league two - I want a fresh squad and a fresh start.

I think he’s a wonderful workhouse and 10/10 for determination and heart - but I’m afraid he’s just a bang average league two midfielder. If we had the budget then he would be a decent squad player - but he should’nt he starting in midfield for any side that wants to be promoted in my opinion - especially the way Dutton (and by extension) the club want to play football.


Holden, Kinsella, Bates, Perry


Bates and Kinsella will be here regardless due to them signing contracts last month, apart from that Rose, Melbourne, Holden, Perry, Norman and McDonald.

Likes of Clarke and Sinclair will probably join back up with Darrell.

Not too fussed if Gordon stays or goes, hard worker, but he’s not the goalscorer we need, just one goal from open play this season.

And it may be a massive unpopular opinion amongst Walsall fans, but for me Hayden White is worth keeping on as someone that can play fullback and centre half, he’s had a good run of games in the team now and hasn’t done anything wrong.


So far, not one. That’s not a knee jerk reaction after the latest game, but those players are from different projects and it doesn’t fit too well. Later someone, who will be managing in the next season, will decide who will stay and who not.

Rose, Norman, Melbourne (if we can keep him after the loan), Sadler (still as player coach obviously, has shown that he can step in when needed), Kinsella, Bates, Perry, Holden.

Add a bit of experience in there, proven winners, a few more hungry for more success and we have the makings of a good side.

Easy! :smiley:

I would keep all of them apart from Gordon and Oss.
Get an experienced manager in, make Rose first choice, sign Max, and a proven centre-forward someone like Jamille Matt. I think we could easily go from where we are now to challenging for play-offs when you consider Holden coming back also. Its simply a case of a keeper that isn’t an regular liability, some quality and threat up top, and a manager that knows how to drill and organise a fourth division football team.

I’d keep Rose, Norman, Melbourne, Sadler, Kinsella, Bates, Perry, Vincent and Holden. (Wright too obviously but no chance)

I’d also be willing to keep White, Gordon and McDonald if they are willing to take pay cuts to stay here on the back of poor seasons with the later two, and not being fully necessary to keep with the former.

I agree with most above as we can all see who has a little bit about them football wise , but I would still like to see Nolan have a good run of games as I believe there’s a player with a touch more class about him .

He let himself down fitness wise this season but it’s been a weird one to be fair , but no excuse.

I think BD should be giving him a chance now and see if he’s realised as a player he needs to prove himself.

I’d keep more than most, as I think a decent manager, who can organise, motivate and I still confidence could do something with this squad.

Reduce the fringes, sign a proven keeper, goalscorer, centre mid, we’d be decent.


Holden, Kinsella, Bates, Perry, Norman, I would also keep Scarr as he does a job on high ball’s he may have cleared the ball that led to the penalty issue last night. And do everything to secure Melbourne.

I would make an improved offer to swifty can’t think of anyone else.

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