Why did they sell their best players

Say Bonsers demand their loans repaid.Give Pomlett ultimatum.Directors reluctant to put money in to club.Only alternative is to sell your best players.Clarke sees problems and leaves.Club now in dire straits Relegation now a distinct possibilityFuture rent payments impossible.Bonser forecloses and obtains possession of land.Where does club go?

I thought that we were to assume that Bonser’s loans had already been repaid by Pomlett as part of the sale.


I thought part of the sale was LP paid Boners loans off , only wished he could of got the freehold off the robbing bastard aswell.


That’s right.

Pomlett paid off Bonser’s loans so the club now owes that to Pomlett.

Bonser, his brother and their wives pension fund owns the freehold through a property company.

The only risk is if we start defaulting on the rent and then the landlord takes everything back, stadium, advertising signs, market etc.

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Why can’t they just hand back the freehold as a good will gesture to the club .

They as a family have surely made enough money from Walsall football club to make them very comfortable for the rest of their days .

Surely that’s not to much to ask from the clubs so called number one fan instead of watching it slowly die .


Here’s the response from the Bonser’s:


And why shouldn’t they? :roll_eyes:

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100% agree. The Toxic Leech is our number one fan, surely he would want to help us.
Like you say, he has made enough money from us, time to give something back.
And yes, I know I am being naive, no need for anybody to point it out. :smile:

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It’s a catch 22 for Bonser to be honest with the rent. The club at the moment is dying on its knees. He needs to be careful that he dosnt kill off the club completely with the rent demand because if he kills it off completely there is no rent for the future Bonser family. Only a worthless dilapidated stadium which would cost hundreds of thousands to demolish and land which I don’t think could be classed as prime. Hence if he wants to maintain some revenue stream for the Bonser family he needs to get round the table with the powers that be. Certainly relegation to the conference would be a disaster both for the club and him personally becuse the club isn’t going to be able to meet those demands. He dosnt hold all the cards here and its a fine balancing act he ask to play. I would hand the whole debacle over to a couple of sets of lawyers and let them try and thrash out a settlement


They’ve leeched enough out of our club over the years. Couldn’t give a ■■■■ about the future of their families income.


our current position comes from the cost of bonsor bleading the club dry. I would much rather ground share with rushall Olympic than keep paying that leach every last dime year in and out.


Could well happen

What really effs me off is how he’s managed to be paid twice for the same effing asset. Buy the freehold for a pittance, charge the club millions in rent over the years and the tell the club he wants millions more for the club to buy what they’ve been paying for for decades :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


While the Bonsers are around that is no nearer to happening than yesterday or ten years ago.

I would love to know what the eventual intentions are of the next Bonser generation though. Surely they’d want rid of any link to the club? How many sons or daughters does he and his brother have? Obviously LP and everyone else at the club knows so would be good to get some sort of future statement about their intentions.

I assume they all have careers and wouldn’t just sit on their backsides having the club fund their lifestyles for next 30-40 years as is the case with the present lot.

The Bonser brothers have outstanding legal charges on the assets of the Company which indicates that there are still outstanding debts.

As we established elsewhere the charges only relate to the advertising signs and Sunday Market which were paid for by the landlord.

Your last sentence is in almost the same words used by LP to the fans meeting just after he took over.I am sure there is a deal to be done because if the club went bust JB’s income would be lost as well.

The point I’m making is it not in Jeff’s financial interest to see the club go bankrupt

Yes I am agreeing with you.

If the club fails SLF will take possession of the land which for building purposes is very valuable.The rent is not payable to the Bonser it goes to SLF.

I was kinda hoping they may have a little conscience maybe … :man_shrugging:

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