Will we drop into the bottom 4 tonight!

Looking at tonights fixtures with 3 of the teams below us playing we could drop into the bottom 4 for the first time.Do you think we will and could we pull out if we drop into the zone.I think its the first time I am really worried about what is happening and I am getting worried thats its finally caught up with us all the penny pinching going on at the club. Whats also narking me is how quiet the club is as well not the players or the manager but the board nothing about how or what they think of whats happening but I guess thats nothing new !

I was just about to post on this subject! The teams that could overtake us are in bold and the appropriate fixtures are:-

Accrington Stanley v Oxford Utd

Portsmouth v Bristol Rovers

Rochdale v AFC Wimbledon

If all goes to form we should retain our position, but so often we’ve seen form disappear through the window…

Last season was the first time that I was genuinely worried we would go down. We didn’t pull ourselves out of it, we got away with it due to teams being worse than us. This season feels exactly the same as last year, except I’m getting the feeling far earlier, which is really worrying.

If you look at the early Smith years, going into the end of season run in, we were the team with momentum and we had creativity in the final third with players like Flo and Ledesma. You turned up to games with optimism, feeling that you could nick a point off anyone, especially at home, where there was a togetherness with fans and the team. Last season, and this, we are the team slipping down the league, grateful of any point that comes our way, without a clue of how to put teams under pressure and a real sense of disconnect between the fans and the club. Worry times


Can’t see Brizzle getting owt…so no.

I’d take a punt on the Dale winning and the other threats not punishing us further!

That said, the danger is merely being delayed because as every week passes our downfall looms ever nearer…

God I hate posting so bloody negatively but what is there to be positive about?!?

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Sorry didn’t see this thread.

Gillingham went 1 down at Sunderland but equalised a minute later.

Got a feeling Oxford will win at Accrington.

Rochdale taking all of three minutes to score at home to Wimbledon…

Accrington do seem to be following us down the table and Oxford have Jordan Graham and Jamie Mackie up top and Samir Carruthers and Cameron Branagan in the middle who are all decent players at this level. Plus although I don’t think he’s a good manager, Karl Robinson has experience at this level so I can see Oxford winning that and moving safely away from relegation

2-1 Sunderland

Thought Accrington were impressive on TV against Sunderland,

5th bottom at the minute :slightly_frowning_face:

On the Tv the other night , Accrington looked like a team in a league above us , if not two .

Portsmouth 0 Bristol Rovers 1

Accrington Stanley 1 Oxford Utd 0

As things stand we are one place above the relegation line on 35 points, with 3 clubs on 33 points below the line … Sloppies, Oxford Utd and Bradford City.

So, looking good…

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Rocketing up the table to 6th bottom as Wimbledon equalise.

Just for 60 seconds!

It was good while it lasted!

Didn’t even get chance to get as far as the fridge for a celebratory can.

In all seriousness, Saturday has to be DK’s last chance to turn this around. I really hope he’s gets something from that last throw of the dice.

Also for all our March fixtures look like mission impossible, Sunderland and Portsmouth are both looking vulnerable against even bottom end teams at the minute. Get the Accringtonesque organisation, work-rate and goal threat that we had earlier in the season and I still reckon we could do it. Its the thought of going down without a fight that kills me.

Probably snake eyes :smile:

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As an aside I see that Norwood has scored for Tranmere assisted by Morris