Will we stay up?

Forever the optimist… I am going to say we will by the skin of our teeth. Can see us getting wins at Accrington and at home to Southend . But it will go to the last game at the shrews …


Can’t see it myself, dont think we have enough quality or confidence in the back line. Hope MOC can prove me wrong!

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Can’t see where the points will come from but I somehow think we will drag ourselves out of it. Maybe it’s my heart ruling my head.


Lose Saturday then No.


For now maybe. Games against teams fighting for the same spot can be, hmm, interesting. Small details can and probably will decide. I only hope MOC revival hasn’t ended after Fleetwood game. But if ended, it’s over. Last game won’t matter much in that case.

Yep we will stay up


Just to add, I believe we will end up with 53 points:

Accrington W
Southend W
Wycombe D
Peterborough W
Shrewsbury D


We’ve got to believe four clubs are more toilet than us. Haven’t we?


3 - Bradford are down.
But no, we won’t make it this time.

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I agree with the Prince on this one

Ye i think we will go down, nothing more than we deserve really when you think we were in the same position last year, relying on Dobsons deflected goal to keep us up, we haven’t been very proactive have we :thinking:

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I think a lot depends on Saturdays game win and it’s game on. Lose and we are dead and buried.


It comes to something when the only excitement you get from the team you support is fighting relegation year after year :pensive:


Sad but very true mate . Still how good would it feel to go and get 3 points at Shrewsbury to send them down and keep us up. (Would be like winning the FA cup final for us lot)


Everything depends on these next three games.

I think we’ll fight now at least, and I believe we’re capable of getting 3 positive results from Accy, Southend and Wycombe. Then we cross the bridge of the final two after that.

So I’m saying yes, we’ll stay up. The run in isn’t at all bad and everything is so tight down there even one good result can change both the position and our confidence.

Needless to say, each game is absolutely critical and outlooks will alter after every single game now.

We need that win to get it started but a draw isn’t death. A defeat however, is.


I think we are gone but I have been proven wrong before so hopefully it happens again.

Not a cat in hells chance…hope for a miracle…plan for disaster.

Thanks Jeff :joy:


Thanks Dan😀