Will we stay up?


Welcome along.

We’re a very hospitable bunch both on and off the pitch.

Off the pitch, the Saddlers Club is closed so use the hotel or the five minute walk to The George.

On the pitch, we’ll find a way of giving you at least one goal. We’ve got a back four who don’t mark or tackle and a ‘keeper that stopped doing saves last November, can’t catch and can’t kick straight.

I venture you’ll have a decent day.



5 minute walk P.T…What are you,a power walker?..:grinning:



I’d forgot they’d got Simon Cox. He’ll fill his boots against the ■■■■ we call defenders.



:joy::joy:. There’s also a sea view from some rooms.



Interesting stuff.

I just thought it was a bad injury (can’t remember what it actually was now!) and like so many when he came back he’d lost 10% of what he had before that made him an excellent box to box midfielder and someone who I thought would play in the championship.

It’s a little similar to Joe Edwards. Actually what I remember from the injury is people thinking he just waited to get fit for Wembley which was that year.

I do think one of the reasons the club couldn’t get over the line in 15/16 is George Evans was so good for two months (now warming the bench at Derby), he was then recalled and instead of the club going out and getting another quality midfield loan S O’D just went back to Mantom-Chambers. Bryn Morris then turned up and was hardly used. Ironic as he’s been a regular since at Sloppies and Pompey so obviously developed into a decent league one player.

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Looking through the remaining fixtures for all the teams involved in relegation.
There are a lot of teams playing each other and therefore either both get 1 point or 1 gets 3.
Not rocket science, I know.
Therefore, I strongly believe that if we fail to beat Southend on Friday, we are relegated.
The teams that we are desperate to catch that are playing each other may settle for a point for safety.
Bradford have got 3 teams around us and they are as good as down now.
we will finish 24/24
Its a sad time but we need to rebuild with a manager that has a plan B or C



I’d say we need maximum points from the next 2 games to have a chance of staying up.
We drop any points in those games and it’s over.



The most worrying thing is there was nothing impressive about Accrington on Saturday … and we looked much much worse. We need to win three of four. I’ll be ■■■■■■■ amazed if we win one of them.



Just can’t see us winning two games.

We are far to easy to score against, have little going forward and have little to no character in the team. All I can see is Southend beating us on Friday and then us limping to maybe a couple of draws before the season ends.

I keep reading about there “being enough quality to stop up” and us “underperforming”. I don’t see it myself - they are where they deserve to be. Hope i’m wrong I really do.



Not a chance we’ll stay up. Just looked at the pre-season predictions from the journos who cover all the League 1 clubs: 19 out of 24 predicted we’d go down. Can’t argue with that!



Interesting read. https://www.echo-news.co.uk/sport/17574503.blues-facing-a-huge-battle-to-stay-up/

You could substitute a few team and players names and that report could have been written about our “game” last Saturday.



Yes Geordiesaddler, I have read similar articles about your team. Uncanny isn’t it.
We have 4 games left and most blues fans cannot see where the points will come from.
Walsall I think could be anyones game. The we play Burton. That’s a loss then, then Rochdale away who have won 2 out of their last 5, thats another loss then and last game of the season at home SUNDERLAND … Right that’s us in L2 next season then.

Your club website said there is an away fans bar open on Friday. Anyone know about that ?

Read some really funny stuff online today as well. There are groups of fans from both our teams actually getting in hilarious heated discussions about who has the worse team and I mean Southend fans saying we are and Saddlers saying they are. Did make me laugh

We have sold over 350 tickets now which is really surprising taking our current form. What have your home attendances been like guys (and girls)



Sarfend have a better 11.

Isn’t Teddy Bishop in goal highly rated so much better than the car crash that is Liam Roberts atm. I always thought Daniel Bentley was a good talent (had a great game at Bescot in 15/16) and he’s done well since signing for Brentford.

Then you have Demetriou at RB who’s a complete different level to Devlin it’s fair to say. Don’t know much about rest of your defence tbh.

Upfront you have a proven league one scorer in Simon Cox. Midfield maybe seen better days, as you say Kightly is like Jarvis.

I remember from earlier in the season Southend had a sequence of winning one week and losing the next weekend and that went on for about 15 rounds. Sort of inconsistancy that drives a fan crazy…and then you wish it would start up again when you stop winning!

In normal circumstances this feels like a dire 1-1 to stop the rot game for both but that would practically relegate both teams so I can see the sort where it’s a draw last 10 minutes and then both teams just put 5 upfront to try to get a winner so it will be a pinball finish with no logic to things.



Think now the question is less ‘will we stay up?’ and more ‘will we get another point before the end of the season?’



There are so many teams near the bottom on a bad run that anybody who gets a win gets a lifeline. I think 48/49 points could just be enough to stay up so 2 wins at least are a must against teams around us to stop them escaping then hope results go our way.



Teddy Bishop is a midfielder mate, I know Roberts has been bad, but I don’t think he’s been that bad! :joy:



Nathan Bishop you mean in goal. Quality for his age (18). We have Ted Smith and Oxley (GK’s) but neither have played for a while. Demetriou is potentially out injured. Watch out for The Masked Striker :slight_smile:



LOL … I got New User of The Month on here :rofl:
Best award I’ve ever had :grin::grin:



Bit of shame Jason Demetriou is likely to miss out . He’s one of the few players who always gets a warm reception :clap::clap:… Great pro and lovely fella… Me and the wife bumped into him once in the clubshop and he had all the time in the world for us… before he was heading back home in his mini.

But every cloud has it’s silver lining and all that so by being injured at least our dodgy defence doesn’t have to suffer his marauding runs !!



I’d imagine it’s normal Walsall FC fare, overpriced and ■■■■.

If you’re into ales then make the effort to come to the town for a couple. You’ll be more than welcome in the Black Country Arms.