Working party meetings

Independent saddlers supporters association

Just to. Let everyone know that the working party meetings. With the club are set to resume from. Monday 5th of August

If any fan has a question they want bringing up. Or have an issue with anything please let us know before Friday 2 nd of August so we can. Collate them to be put to board members of the football club

There will also be a vote on the day of this meeting , to see wether the new group Walsall fans for change are to be allowed to attend, said future meetings,

As chairman of the independent saddlers supporters association , I see no reason why Walsall fans for change should not participate in. Future meetings. And the vote from Issa will be one in favour of there. Attendance


With the issues you’ve had to attend these meetings. Would it not be good idea to get your feet under the table before getting another supporters group in.

Excellent news. A concerted effort is needed to hold the club to account.

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I’m not on the committee of WSFC, but surely this movement should be attending these meetings given the support and drive for change?

I note WSFC now have a committee, a mandate, policies and are affiliated with the FSF. They need to be there.

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I agree with you. There is no reason for them not to be there.It should not be down to a vote. They clearly have support from a good number of supporters.

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We have been attending as Issa. For some time mate, and myself personely have been attending them for last two seasons in my role as vice chair of the dsa also

And it’s only my oppinion but the more groups there to hold the board accountable and press for change the better mate,

The euphoria surrounding Clark does not justify what has happened. Theese past years, and relegation and other important issues such as the freehold can not be brushed. Under the carpet. On the back of clarkes appointment, Our saviour would love that ,


Oh I didn’t realise you had been attending these meetings has Issa all ready. I thought this was your first attempt to gain entry. With this been the case I retract my statement :+1:

“I’m not the fans voice, Anything I post is my own Oppinion. , you have never once seen me come on here. Claiming to represent. Fans”

Yet here you are.


Tim I think you need to grow up a little , how is informing fans that meetings are back on, and informing them that Issa is in support of wsfc Attending said meetings Trying to make out I represent them

Don’t REALY understand what your problem is if I’m honest ,

You bang on about bonser and what he’s done fo club, then try to belittle fans who are trying there level best to gain a better future for the club, But it’s easy to criticise from afar, I guess


He’s probably read your nonsense from the past few years on Walsall fans have your say :man_shrugging:t2:

The scarf/Bonser/Leicester incident an absolute classic.


I think these working party meetings are great,as long as the people who attend on behalf of the fans,are not afraid to ask,and demand an answer, to the awkward questions as well as the run of the mill questions, which Mole and gamble fall over themselves to give their ready made answers to.

As for WSFC joining in with the meetings,that’s fine,as long as it doesn’t just have the effect of watering down the consensus between the different groups who attend.I’m sure Mole,Gamble and especially Bonser would love it if all the 3 groups did was to argue amongst themselves about what the agenda should be.

I think,rather than waste a whole season arguing between the 3 groups,if it’s obvious that any one of the 3 groups are being uncooperative,divisive,obstructive,or in anyway unhelpful there should be a mechanism agreed between the 3 groups whereas,rather than mess the agenda up for the other 2 groups the obstructive group should be dropped until they sort themselves out.


Scott maybe a classic to you mate. But just another example of our owners contempt in my oppinion

And for some reason you. Want to keep bringing up that fans inform you that they dislike me, , I couldn’t care less. Because as said. It’s my oppinion only that I state , and in neither want or need fans to like me , or even agree, , I have an oppinion and. Not afraid to voice it

It’s water off a ducks back Scott, As many say exactly the same thing about you and the comments you make on here to to me, , so that’s two of us who are apparantly disliked , But at the end of the day that’s there oppinion, but unlike yourself. I respect it

We don’t know each other. So I don’t comment. Back to them, but you seem to want to make an issue of it all the while, for reasons unknown

You see me often enough at games, , and I’m sure if you where to spend five mins chatting with me. You will find I’m nothing like the person you try to portray me as, , just as I may find out others oppinion of you are equally wrong , but untill such a time that happens I suggest me and you just agree to disagree For the good of this site, as I’m sure they have no interest whatsoever in reading disagreements between me and you

On top of that, I think a collaborative agenda should be set by the 3 groups. Agree to a agenda a week beforehand, and each prepare a question or 2 on each agenda item. This ensures that the 3 groups are singing from the same hymn sheet and present a united front. After all; they are there representing we the fans, rather than themselves. UTS


There are actually four groups mate, if wsfc are. Allowed to attend, As well as Issa and the trust
The wfc dsa Also attend said meetings

Go kick arse mate, applaud anyone that asks difficult questions of the 3 stooges.


Interested to know what the people having digs at this post again actually do for there fellow fans?

What’s dsa stand for DH?

Disabled supporters association mate, and it’s vital that this element of our fan base has someone representing them at wpm meetings ,

I attend far more meetings on behalf of dsa than I do Issa ,

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Cheers for that.
Didn’t realise that there was a specific group for disabled fans. Well done fella :+1:

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It will be like herding cats with 4 groups…:grinning: