Worst Players ever to don a Walsall shirt

A bit of entertainment

Gary Liddle

Dean Peer or Robin Shroot.

This might help

Peer was limited but he was ok I’d have him back tomorrow

Has to be Dale Banton for me. Came in as a replacement for David Kelly. Couldn’t even clean his boots!!!

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Rory Holden gotta be up there in the top 30

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Darko mavrack for me

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Mad Timms


He was my 3rd choice Chunky

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Gisjbet Bos awful


David bamber was pretty poor as well

Jonny Brain…

There’s been loads in recent years, even in decent seasons.

Ashley Grimes was abysmal aswell.

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I remember he scored to cracking goals at Fellows Park against Hull City.


Kevin Toner would surely be on the short list.


Mike cecere

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Holden is the flag bearer for me closely followed by a the big black fella who once wore a red shirt for us (can’t say ‘played’ cus he was so bad), but I can’t remember his name…

Holden definitely top 20

If i remember right he dined out on those 2 goals for the rest of his Walsall career :grin:

I seem to remember that Mike Cecere possibly had the best ever perm to play for Walsall. Pity he didn’t spend as much time on his football as he did his hair!!

You’re right. He was absolutely cack the rest of the time.

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Cecere was the boyfriend of Jennie Bradley coronation street