Wrexham Game

Are they expecting a sell out or something?

Club just announced tickets are going on sale but restricted to those with booking history? :thinking:

It’s to stop the plastic Wrexham fans getting in the home end I presume.

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You referring to non-ST holders ?

I got two extra ones on my ST back on the 12th Oct

That will be interesting if any do come in the blue pop lower

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Assume we will give Wrexham some of the side stand as well as the away end. Should be a bumper away audience, and will make for a crackling atmosphere.

Club will have to get Ray Gray on the case.


When looking on the ticket site there are only seats available in the Family stand up to the half way line. So I assume you’re right, that Wrexham will get the away end and half of the Family stand.

Reserved mine just in case. Not because I particularly want to see the mighty Wrexham, but Friday night’s good for me, and it would be a shame to miss out on one.

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Should be sizzling with atmosphere…

Surely this will sell out ??

Depends how many tickets we give them. We’ll have a healthy home crowd 6-7000 probably

It won’t be far off

Please close this thread the Wrexham histeria has already gone to far, the game is 2 months away leave them to feel special don’t make them.


Theyll probs bring 2,500 odd with 500 being actual long standing Wrexham fans

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This is what comes to mind

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Hope there’s an earlier than usual match thread for this one to really get the bloody flowing and excitement building!

Let’s hope they don’t hog the tickets.

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I knew you would trotter out that pun.

At least they might swill down lots of beer and put some money behind the bescot bar!

I hope we aren’t scratching around for goals,

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