Yann Songo'o

Yeah supposed to have had an injury set back hasnt he? I suspect he’s on a decent wedge too so wouldnt be surprised to see him off in the summer as his contract is up

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Shocked at this. Came out of nowhere. Good player whenever ive seen him

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most of our signings do, very little gets leaked, which is great imo

Great signing I think. We really need a player like this and haven’t had one for a while


Certainly comes across like a targeted signing this one and not a scattergun approach like we have witnessed in years gone by.Things at my beloved club just look and feel so much more measured these days and it’s a very nice feeling indeed.


Sing us a Songo’o, you’re Yann the man
Give us a goal tonight…
You joined us on loan from Bradford City
Because they are f*****g shite


Very happy with this signing. So much strength in this side, we must be horrible to play against. Get DJ signed, and a keeper in on loan to warm the bench and I’ll be very happy.


Good signing and another experienced player, not a untried youngster, i like this change in tack, well done Flynny, just DJ now and a back up goalie





Love the way the linesman points at the ball for him. :joy:

Nay no goons!

Welcome aboard Yann.

After what appeared like a decent summer of recruitment, we seem to have reverted back to the predictable clown show.

-Decent squad players and future prospects getting shipped out.
-Top scorer getting frozen out and no doubt pimped to suitors.
-Bringing in any old shite to plug the gaps.

Whats going on?
Not happy are they lol.

What do they expect? Mark Hughes falls under the same banner as Steve Bruce when it comes to football management. One look into his history and a quick chat to some people who have encountered him along the way, and you wouldn’t touch him with a bargepole.


He is in the same camp as Lineker and Barton for me, never liked any of em :unamused:

You could have said the same thing about DJ prior to him joining

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Hmm. Another body in midfield with experience I suppose. Must mean Labadie is well and truly knackered.

We did need some muscle in midfield.


Fingers crossed. Plymouth fan on Twitter says it’s a great signing for us and he is a real enforcer.


Will he play centre back on Saturday?


This made me chuckle

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His he any relation to Big Fat Yan