Adebayo Interview

Think he comes across really well here. Seems very intelligent and humble. Really hope he can piece his game together and push on because I think he has the potential to be a good player at this level.


I agree…I think we can see a player in there but until last week we hadn’t seen it for 90+ minutes. lets hope it is the start of something good.


Nice lad he may be, but I don’t see him playing at a higher level in the game tbh. At 22 he should be showing more if his ambition is to move up the ladder.

Poor in the air for a big lad (weirdly he is better defending set pieces than attacking them) and his control and finishing are nothing to shout about.

I “see a player in there” - probably a Div 4 one at best.

But harsh. Decent scoring rate this season and a good 5 years off peak.

Agree about him in the air but his control and hold up (when he manages to win the ball) is excellent. Find that criticism very strange considering how much is valid to criticise him about.


The thread is about him which is why my comments are directed towards him. “Time will tell” as one of our sparring partners has been known to say :wink:. If he plays at a higher level, I’ll be delighted to eat my piece of (veggie) humble pie.

BTW, I’m not criticising him for “only” being (in my view) capable of reaching the level of Div 4. It’s still a huge achievement for anyone to be good enough to be a professional footballer when you consider how many people play the game during their youth.

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He was brilliant last week I gave Gordon my Man of the Match last week but on reflection it should have been Elijah fingers crossed for a similar display today he could drop that by 25% today and it would still be a good performance such was the display last week I would like a goal or 2 more from him but that’s just being picky.

Yeah? Did I talk about anything other than Adebayo? I questioned your opinion on him not why you have one.

But yeah, time will tell I guess. It’s not nailed on at all that he will go on to be better, as I said he needs to piece a lot together first. I just thought your criticisms were unfair.

Not all players go on to be better though, do they? Loads peak early and drift down or even out of the pyramid.

It is not really about being fair or unfair, just my view based on what I have seen so far.

No they don’t. Isn’t that exactly what I’m saying? I’ve literally said it’s not nailed on and he has a lot of work to do.

Views and opinions can still be unfair. Jumping on Adebayo for his control and achievements at 22 is pretty unfair.

I’m not jumping on him.

If you say so.


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Hope he ends up top scorer.

Always find it odd young strikers get written off so quickly.

Eli is a work in progress, he’s quick and possesses good skills (when he decides to take the ball with him), but he really needs to improve on his heading abilities. He’s good at that defensively. At 6’4" you would think he has that attacking skill down.
I feel for the lad, he desperately wants to succeed here, I truly hope he makes it.


This is all to often forgotten or ignored and is not just about being able to kick a ball well.
We can all relate to the kid at school who was an absolutely fantastic footballer who for one reason or another never came close to making it as a pro.
In my opinion my brother in law was the best amature footballer i have ever seen, was captain of both Walsall and Staffordshire boys teams, and no less than Stan Cullis signed him up for the Wolves.
You would think stardom beckoned, did he make it as a pro? did he heck as like, had a fine amature career, playing for most of the top Midland teams in the 70`s but just couldnt be bothered to make the effort to fit into the regime demanded as a pro.
I wonder how many more lost talents this applies to?


I’ve been scathing about him at times (and Holden) but unlike some of the no-hope journeymen they can both still get better. It’s starting to happen a little now and I’d love to see them both make me eat my words.


Me too ‘Afkals’. At the start of the season I said there was a player in that frame somewhere…then he started to appear in the team…wow!
I have been scathing about him since then, to the point of downright distress about how bad he was, tackling himself, unable to score easy chances, running towards the corner flag, then falling over… etc etc.
Suddenly, and recently, a lad in an Adebayo mask has appeared and we seem to have a player!! Don’t take the mask off son!!!


Doing o.k I think.

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I think Holden and Eli are the best examples that D.C. has worked on these and it’s worked.

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Over the last three games. After Newport people were saying Adebayo was destined for non league and Holden has only come into his own of late. Positive signs, but let’s chill our boots until we have some consistency.