AFC Wimbledon (A) Tues 21st August, 7.45pm


What a strike force


This is truly awesome, just at last got rid of pesky friends making it awkward to get to my pc, so I’m a bit late in giving my admiration and congratulations to this amazing set of players led by an equally amazing new Manager. Keep it up lads this is just unbelievable!


Magnificent, truely magnificent!

Not one for the purists this but a real throughback of a game that the likes of Ada and Keister would have loved.

We were really under the cosh for long periods but I don’t think I can remember a Walsall side showing more determination in ALL my time watching.

Not going to be critical of Leahey for the mistake for their goal in any shape or form because along with the rest of the team he’d been an absolute giant for the rest of the game.

This game kept the heart thumping with nervous tension making it exciting to watch in a different way than the others, but just as exciting.

Many liken this team to the Graydon sides and you can see why but I think they’ve got even more steel in them.

In terms of entertainment I’m beginning to think this might be the most exciting team to watch since the Buckley era.

I think I’m falling in love with Walsall all over again!!!


i might be getting a fudgin half season ticket at this rate :joy:


I think deano is sir ray’s love child :laughing:


Couldn’t give a shiny ■■■■ about clean sheets when we are scoring plenty. As someone posted above, 3-1 or 0-0?

Well done lads, a package of surprise :joy::joy:


Lets hope this resurgence gets a few more stayaways back to Bescot.
Everyone loves to watch a winning side, we will obviously lose eventually but who cares, it’s so good at the moment, Repeat the above line over and over again folks, we are no longer bottom feeding fodder!


It’s 1998-99 all over again (WDWW start). Just saying…


What’s happening with this team at the moment need’s some proper support , i do hope people (chunkster) start coming back , it would be great to see 7000 plus next home game:crossed_fingers:


and if people like me start turning up again and supporting team, they will play even better and the coffers will start getting bigger and etc etc etc


Agree :wink:


Have i got to order this pint then ?:grin:


looks like it :wink:


Good man :scream: , let me know when you’ve got your ticket and what ya drinkin :face_vomiting:


:rofl: will do mate :wink: i think @PeruSaddler said it when he said i was cutting my nose off to spite my face.And after watching us tonight i think he is right.




There is only one way it can possibly end…


Been there done that , now it need’s to be at Wembley :star_struck::star_struck:


You know when you’ve been in a relationship for years and the love is still there but it’s all gone a bit stale, your just going through the motions and there just isn’t the same passion there was when you first met.

That’s been watching Walsall for some years now.

This is like going back to those early days where you can’t stop thinking about them, they’re always on your mind and you can’t wait to see them again. It’s raw passion! Hot, sexy, sweaty, raw passion I tell you!

I mean … Err sorry I think I’m getting a little over excited, I’m going for a lie down.


I’ll settle for 5,000 at this stage!:wink: