All Quiet at The Banks's - Transfer Rumour Thread 18/19


At least 4 more signings still needed for me 2 centre backs a centre mid and another striker


Add a winger and another striker to that.

Any injury to Cook/Bakayoko and we’d have literally nothing.

Need atleast four first team strikers.


The Express and Star have a piece on Rowett’s comments about loaning us a player after Kory’s injury - says they’re happy to loan out Harry Souttar or Ryan Sweeney.


How about we spend some money instead of relying on other teams to bail us out… just an idea


For me the biggest problem with Kory’s injury is that we’re now stuck with Devlin and leahy as the first choice full-backs for another season, that’s before we even address the centre-half situation. Can’t see how we can look to build a team that will hit the ground running in a couple of weeks on that. Throw in the Edwards injury and the departure of Ozzie, and the reality is at this moment we’ve got a much weaker squad than the one that started last season, and probably even the one that ended it.
Regardless of the “difficulties” of the transfer market (and with the window shutting earlier I don’t understand that), the objective should always to be to have the nucleus of the first 11 in by the time the friendlies start. We’ve got a tough start to the season and if confidence gets knocked with a couple of defeats DK will have a massive task on his hands repeating last May’s jail break.


I see George Evans is close to signing for Sunderland. They have agreed a fee with Reading. He’ll be really good back at this level.


250k apparently. Bargain.


Plenty of Defenders out of contract according to TransferMarkt, but how many that are accurate and available for our tin pot budget would be interesting.

Available Defenders according to TranferMarkt


My main prediction for this season is mossive unrest and growing protests at the board.

I really thought after last year’s unrest and the appointment of a club legend that the powers that bemight’ve finally realised they can no longer take us for mugs. Apparently they need further updates.



Lloyd Dyer available having been released from Burton. Still scoring goals in the Championship last season in a struggling team. Certainly capable of a season at this level. Keep hearing that we need to sign some experienced players but to date the only remotely experienced ones signed are Ismail and the reserve keeper.


I’d take Lloyd Dyer. At 35 I can’t imagine many Championship clubs wanting him. Would be a good player at this level that’s for sure.


Sad state of affairs when we are scratching about for Burton cast offs.


Zeli’s a Bury cast off, whats your point?


I agree. But the even sadder thing is that we probably arn’t, leaving him to go and do a solid job somewhere else while we hope Ginnelly suddenly makes the grade.


Was pleased earlier in the summer when Deano said he had a shortlist of players in each position, and that if we missed out on one player we moved onto the next target on the list.

That seems to have worked well with Cook and Zeli, but how far down the list are we with key positions like centre-half, baring in mind we’re three weeks from kick-off?

Getting a little worried that with budget/transfer constraints, DK is having to scrape the barrel at the moment.


Log on most weekday mornings hoping, desperately hoping, to be shocked by some new signings. Now its only 3/4 weeks before kick off and we would find it difficult to find enough players to field a decent squad of players capable of fighting for 3rd Division survival (which it looks as if it will become)! As some have already commented we have a squad poorer than the one that just about scraped above the zone last season.
How are the season ticket sales Jeff? Everyone is sooo excited about the prospects of another relegation battle.
Though I am forgetting of course, that we DID retain our wonder kid striker! (who’s brilliant idea was that?) Surprised there have not been a gaggle of Championship teams vying for his signature!


Definitely need ‘tried and trusted’ league one standard players. We are at least 2 centre halves short, possibly 3. We have no fullback cover (can’t include untried kids). Some would say we have no fullbacks with Devlin/Leahy under-performing. Need a creative midfielder. Definitley need a partner for Cook. With Ginnelly being a fringe player, we should be looking at another winger too. The budget won’t cover half of that. God help us!!:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Ancient Moaned must have logged on to the new site with about 20 user names reading the posts on here.
Just have a bit of patience and trust for fudge sake


Trust Jeff?


Saddla- the players have been back in training for 3 weeks and the season starts two weeks on Saturday: when are these new signings going to be made? At the moment, we are weak in EVERY area apart from goalkeeper. We have no defence at the moment, only one decent midfield player (Dobson) and no experienced cover anywhere in the team. How much patience are we supposed to show? And when should we start to panic: 3rd August?