All Quiet at The Banks's - Transfer Rumour Thread 18/19


Talk of Bradshaw going to Millwall. What percentage is the clubs sell on clause?




Slight disappointment that no more signings have been forthcoming so far this week. Attack wise we have the most exciting forwards in Walsall shirts for a VERY long time, really looking forward to see Ferrier bombing forward and attacking defenders, how we have wished for that for so long, instead of a slow lump up front continuously doing bugga all.
But defence wise, currently we are likely to let more in than we can score at the other end, even with Roberts flinging himself about!
Without a skeleton a body will just flop, even if there is a brain at the top end.


Would like to see a strong attacking midfielder
Another striker and cb


As foreshadowed , Rohan Ince would be a great signing. Class player.


I should go and have a lie down AM -we can’t have you liking any of our forwards. Just what is wrong with our defence? We need CB cover but once that is in place we look OK in my opinion. A more urgent need is in CM especially if Adam C is crocked


Thrice no. Milan can find himself a jobbing role with another club. I liked the bloke first time around but now he’s just Billy Big Boots with nothing to back it up with.



Walsall FC is not a source of handy income (unless you’re the chairman). Wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole.


We have Ayr United connections…


I wonder if it was us and that’s what was holding up the Bakka move to Coventry over the last couple of days


I think Danny Rowe from Fylde would be another we might be looking at, Cheltenham have been after him, 28, prolific for them over the last couple of seasons and a bit like Cook, wants to try his luck in the football league


Given the money I have every faith in dk to bring the right player in


Would have liked that Bruno Andrade, shame he went to Lincoln to sit on the bench lol


We were after him in like the first 2 weeks after the season and he had talks, but he opted for Lincoln instead.


So, no signings today then. Do we think there will be any deadline day permanent signings now or are we now after loans/free agents.
I remain hopeful…


Keep banging on, but Glen Kamara from Dundee CM, then about a throwing a random name in Chris Martin from Derby don’t seem to be about the 1st team squad.


No chance with Martin. He’ll be on atleast 20k a week minimum.


I think we will get at least one deadline day signing unless we are planning on bringing in a free agent later.


Barnsley have just signed a RB from 'Uddersfield, & Jason McCarthy wasn’t in their 18 on Saturday.

Not that I think for a moment it will happen, but wouldn’t it be glorious?!


I think Wilson will play right back ahead of Devlin after afew games so don’t think we need another one. We have Devlin and at a push kinsella who can play there

Centre mid has to be the priority along with another CB and striker .

That Rohan Ince rumour I saw someone posted would be good. Tall athletic and a decent age.

Anybody know anymore on that one as I see he was on trial at Charlton recently but got injured