All Quiet at The Banks's - Transfer Rumour Thread 18/19


I am also expecting a centre midfielder in today and a total of 3 new players at least before the end of the month so I think the squad will look decent by September.

I am feeling very confident at the moment.


You know what… so am i :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Does this mean you might actually come to some home games then? :wink:


Me too! Obviously Deano had his targets and it looks like he’s got some pretty good signings, things definitely on the up, like the Saddlers will be!


:joy::joy::joy: nice try, never say never :wink:


The title of this thread doesn’t seem appropriate any longer.


Blimey- You’ve had a Damascene conversion - I don’t believe it


i would take Greg halford at centre half if he hasn’t joined pompey its just what we need an experienced head at the back imo


I had to google that :joy:


It can’t be AM. I never heard him come out with a positive comment.:open_mouth:


It could be if he’s had a Damascene conversion


A summer in hell, then a week of heaven. Maybe this season won’t be another in purgatory…


I’ve never really fancied turning my car electric.:sunglasses:


Very funny - I like that


Krystian Bielik has re-emerged in League One with Charlton Athletic.


He will be injured soon.


… probably not even fit yet.


Shame. He could have been the new Allen Picken.


Didn’t realise that we actually paid a fee for him, maybe that’s why Jeff is reluctant to splash out


One of Whitney’s finest signings.