All Quiet at The Banks's - Transfer Rumour Thread 18/19


He wouldn’t be cheap but Halford could play at centre-half, holding midfielder, full-back and even up top. He would add championship quality and experience to a young squad. Therefore, he would represent value for money if he could stay fit and suspension free. I know that he has been linked to his old club Pompey but if Keates could convince him to join his project, I would be really pleased with the quality and close knit nature of our squad.


I’m fairly certain that @jjunior9 is Greg Halford’s agent. :eyes:


From the page that bought you eboue and John terry the latest is Mcauley ex albion centre back😂


WM reported the same. He’s in late thirties , and Steve Gerrard is after him.


Anyone know who this cb we are looking to sign is supposed to be?


Rumour doing the rounds on Twitter is that Anthony Forde is signing on loan from Rotherham. Would certainly be pleased with that.


He started for Rotherham tonight v Everton, can’t see it being true.


With his only other appearance being a substitute appearance for Rotheram in the league.


Just been told by a Rotherham fan that he played today so they could give him abit of game time to see whether they could keep or get rid and apparently he did nothing and has been told he can leave/go out on loan.


didn’t he scam a few saddlers fans a few years ago ?


That was cain on loan from Leicester.


oh ye :rofl::see_no_evil:


If Forde came in would that potentially see Morris playing as a CM? He does seem to have found his shooting boots.


I don’t really understand the clamour for a centre mid to be honest. Dobson Edwards (when fit) Osbourne Kinsella and Chambers is more than enough cover there, especially when you consider we have only 2 centre halves in the squad and 1 back up striker and a few kids.


Forde’s a strange one. I’d take him but he’s too good to be sitting on our bench and I can’t imagine he’d want that either. Ginnelly, Ismail and Morris have been too good to drop but with the way we play I understand why another winger would be useful. Both Ginnelly and Ismail have already been injured so cover would be welcomed.


True that CM is well-covered on paper - but no guarantees on fitness of Chambers or Edwards and Osbourne has a history of injuries.

Centre-half has to be the absolute priority though.


I think Edwards is a complete guess work, so fair enough but Chambers has racked up 40 odd appearances in each of the last 5 seasons. He’s going from that to playing every now and then. I think that is very reliable and we seem to be wrapping Osbourne in cotton wool, as we should. I’m comfortable with that cover + Dobson and Kinsella, anybody that comes into that area would have to be starter for me otherwise we are going to end up with a bunch of players good enough for cover and nobody standing out bar Dobbo.

If we signed a really strong player I wouldn’t complain but there are other areas of the pitch I would prioritise first.


Would be very unfair for Kinsella to be pushed down the pecking order should we bring someone in. There are definitely other areas to prioritise on.


Would take Forde. Good player at this level. As ever all the focus is on the first 11.

As we saw in 15/16 injuries and suspensions happen and so you want good quality on the bench when this happens (that season we of course had Jordan Cook filling in when Bradshaw did his hamstring).

I agree about CM. Chambers will be back soon, Kinsella seems to be doing o.k this season and Edwards will probably be back by end of the year so more than enough in that area.

New centre half needed and being greedy I’d like another striker on loan.

Tyler Roberts anyone? I don’t think he’s actually played for Leeds this season so might be on offer.


Not sure why some are hung up on fairness and the need for strengthening in other positions. I personally would rather we had a squad of players who were all fighting for a spot in the 11. If Forde rejoins, from a fans point of view, whoever starts in midfield is of a good quality and equally who sits on the bench is quality… makes sense to me. I do agree a CB is required but DK has been hinting at 2 signings.
I reckon they are already done deals, the club is getting better at marketing, transfer deadline day + suspense = increased exposure!