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Still posting about a player that is long gone and even celebrating his poor performances when we have so much to be positive about is a classic losers mentality.

So yeah…crack on, I’ll leave it there


If you click “Tracking” you can select the option to “mute” the thread and then it won’t appear in the list for you.


Good idea.

Then everyone else can carry on discussing a topic they want to discuss on a message board without upsetting all the winners on here.


I still find it funny that people post to complain about threads they don’t like.



End of the day he’s a recently departed player who we received an overblown fee for from a team we don’t really like. We’re going to talk about him. The thread will die on its arse soon anyway.


I think we are saying the same thing: bad attitude means a lack of effort means pee-poor performances (for us and Coventry). Bristol Rovers fans must be thanking their lucky stars.


You do, obviously, as you keep posting about him on this thread!


The funny thing is, it’s the handwringers moaning about the existence of the thread that are keeping it active :grinning:


Dash it. That’s pooped my idea of starting a Roy McDonough thread. :grin:


Oh no it isn’t! < wrings hands furiously >

I’m not even a twisty-knickered thread stopper, I’m the one calling out the dim-witted Lazy Sawyers brigade as poo-panty obsessive-compulsive nincompoops.

Post away! :innocent:


I hope there was a clause for International recognition in Baka’s sales particulars :money_mouth_face:


He’s not John Keister, he’s rubbish.


It’s fascinating watching the progress of almost every thread on here. It starts out discussing the issue in question, develops into posters questioning the sanity/integrity/motives/vocabulary of other posters and ends up with vitriolic mutual denigration. Bloody grow up and focus on THE ISSUES! (Opinion, however mistaken, is fine if expressed in appropriate language and devoid of personal invective. OK?) :roll_eyes:


And then someone invariably reignites the dormant thread, accusing everyone of being hopelessly volatile and out of touch.



I agree.


Is this thread still going? :grinning:


That might have something to do with posters having a life and not hanging on this site with every breath, like yourself, and actually only just seeing this thread.
But hey ho.


Pugnacious soffule:

Add alcohol to rotten personality. Shake or stir and allow internet access. Wait for inevitable unprovoked snotty attack and retire to a safe distance to observe dismal, attention seeking firework effort.



Just had a look at the SkyBluesTalk site to cheer myself up and read the Cov v Rochdale March report.

Baka certainly impressed in his 13 minutes of glory

Sounds somewhat familiar


Typical reply from a little man who lives a sad and little existence.