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I am still gobsmacked that someone has given us money for him? don’t get me wrong, i wish the lad all the best for the future, but i just couldn’t understand why we persisted with him, just because he scored a couple of good goals(and it was just a couple) :astonished:. on the subject of racism, i have witnessed it many times over the years, i remember when kenny mower played, there used to be a guy shout “come on you 10 white men” and at the time in the 70’s 80’s you just laughed it off, because if you didn’t you became the only fan that opposed it, and that could ostracise you, and at that time i wasn’t that brave.I would wade into a few hundred opposing fans with my fists flying, but pulling someone up for being racist was another kind of brave. Nower days it is easier, because you really ARE the odd one out if you shout racist bile, so i wouldn’t think twice now about pulling someone up over it, because i am wiser, older and better educated.


Brilliant! So we’ve brought in a significantly better player in Ferrier for 35k and sold our donkey for a six-figure sum. Marvellous.

Not sure how anyone is disappointed. He’s had his chances and failed. I wish him all the best but I’m not bothered in the slightest.


Good luck to him. For one reason or another it never really worked out for him here (Bradshaw ahead of him, Whitney’s tactics) which is a shame because if I remember correctly, his scoring record in the youth and reserve teams was very good. I remember him in the second half at Rushall preseason asking Leahy for the ball on numerous occasions, only to be bypassed time after time. He then proceeded to question Leahy’s choice and urge him to ‘trust him with the ball’ - not a good sign if your team mates aren’t confident in your abilities, preseason friendly or not.

He showed glimpses of what he can do but did flatter to deceive. Cook and now Ferrier would have been ahead of him this season, but I do think we would have seen an improvement in him if he’d played alongside Cook. Hopefully we have a sell-on clause inserted in the deal in the hope he comes good, but we have done well to get the deal we have, especially seeing as he could have gone on a free earlier in the summer.


I also wish him the best. However having seen him play for all the time he has been at the club I was amazed he never learnt the basic skill of trapping the ball. And if he had so many balls lumped up to him, how come he never won many headers let alone scored many with his head?


Good luck to him. We owed Cov one for selling us that useless git Dave Bamber back in 1983.


I thought it was a mistake to take up the option of an extra year, but what do I know!
Good luck to him.
Presumably DK will be given an undisclosed amount of an undisclosed fee to strengthen the team.
I don’t know why everything is so often "undisclosed " as this would be an easy way for the club to be more open with the fans. I always find it irritating.


I agree. He had a whole season to prove his worth and I don’t think he did that. To say he didn’t have service is misleading: he had one of the best number 10s in League 1 providing passes for him. How many times did he have clear cut chances that he totally fecked up. I think we have done some great business there. Now we need to spend the money wisely on a central midfielder and some defensive and attacking cover.


Strange club!


It’s a good job Wimbledon, Bristol Rovers and Coventry don’t read this forum……….they could have saved themselves a fair bit of time and trouble watching Bakayoko and even making audacious monetary bids for him.

What do they know about football?



■■■■ all by the looks of it :joy:


Sorry to see him go. Always thought there was a footballer in there, somewhere. But with a decent fee not a bad deal for all concerned


To not release him when it looked likely and then get a fee plus any sell on clause is good work by the club

I always find that one way to judge how a player is rated by the fans is the reaction when the team is announced and a player is not named. I never heard any groans when he wasn’t named



I suppose from the club’s point of view it is beneficial for the amount to remain undisclosed. If opposing teams or potential signings knew we’d just received £200,000 for Bakayoko, they would be likely to increase the amount they would want. A certain Mr Bonser may also want to hide it from the fans so that we don’t bemoan the lack of signings / amount spent on transfers.


Wish him nothing but success on an individual level.

It is a gamble by Coventry but not an altogether daft one. Coached by a manager who played centre-forward at the highest level rather than a physio might just turn him into the player some of us thought he could be.


It is good business for the Club, taking a relatively sizeable fee for a player who couldnt get in the team.

There is a good player in there - stupid to suggest otherwise, bearing in mind the number of Clubs willing to part with the cash - together with his only full season coinciding with the shambles of last year.But nevertheless , he just hasn’t done it - the stats don’t lie.

Now its down to a replacement and as said previously, who is going to come to basically sit on the bench. Another hungry non league lad perhaps?:wink:


Think he would have thrived as a supporting forward rather than number 9. I always remember his assist in Whitney’s first league game (as full time manager) against Wimbledon which was reminiscent of the ball he played for Dobson against Northampton.

A lot happened between those two games and in that time you have to feel we never played to his strengths.


Useless unless we play Sheffield zUnited every week.

No physical presence, can’t win a header.

Quids in.


Probably about as much as a poster that defended Whitney throughout his tenure and invented “Smithout” :joy:


The Sky Blues forum’s Bakayoko thread currently running to 16 pages. Opinion seems evenly divided between “What a waste of money” and “Let’s give the lad a chance”.


Substantial traffic from SkyBluesTalk today, safe to say we’ve given them the footballing equivalent of a bad Amazon review!