Barnsley (A) 8th Sept, 3pm


Superb point. Cook needed that goal. Hopefully the start of a run!


Excellent result. Barnsley will say they should have won it but we’ve missed two point black chances ourselves.


Think 15/16 might’ve been better by a point but not sure.

Team settling nicely in the top 6 with winnable games coming up. Exciting times.


Despair to elation in a few minutes! What a team! GREAT fight back and it sounds as if either team could have won it - Fitz’s miss for example. But what a great result. Still unbeaten. What fight. What spirit. This is becoming a magic season already. Who’d have thought it? I’m always optimistic but my pre-season optimism was for a comfortable bottom half finish. All this is unbelievable. Get in there!! :smiley:


Kieron Morris, having come on in the 85th minute, was booked in the 93rd minute for a bad foul!!

Attendance 11,468 (or thereabouts)

Definitely a point gained rather than two lost!!


What a team of battlers !:ok_hand:t2: Deano barmy army march on still unbeaten .lets get a good crowd down there for the next home match . Cuz this team deserves our support . Onwards and upwards. UTS


Great result, tempered only by the pile of ■■■■■ that iFollow is.


Reminds me of Graydons team… just saying.


Well, I might not have got my prediction quite right but…I bloody love this team!
Can’t wait for next weeks game.


Fantastic result - what a team spirit Deano is developing.

Great move putting Cooky on the bench today - worked perfectly



Ist actual match attendance for quite a while. A good point for Walsall but Barnsley should have won. They had the better chances. They were however not as good as I expected slow to the second ball and kept passing it into space which Walsall used. You can see that Keates has built a team as they played for each other and very little dissent shown when a ball went astray whereas Barnsley were gesturing to each other when that happened.
I love sitting in the home fans listening to their fans rant at went went wrong which today was quite a few times and to their ignorance of the rules.


Think they did for a period. We had the better chances first half and Fitz should have scored as well.


2 home games against Doncaster and Stanley either side of a trip to oxford coming up. Very winnable games before we take on the shrews at home . First time in a long time I am genuinely excited by it all . Our Walsall is well and truly back thanks Deano U T S


How did you manage to celebrate our goal without peeing them off? :smiley:


Just got in. Thought we deserved a point for the spirit that we showed. Barnsley will be kicking themselves for not making it 2-0 when they broke away a couple of times with men over but there again we had our chances too eg lovely move by Devlin to set up the save from Ferrier in the first half. I was surprised that Dean didn’t change things a bit earlier but it’s always great to get a late equaliser and I was so pleased it was Cook scoring a ‘proper’ goal. Could not see whether their goal was a bit of a shambles but Liam Roberts made some tip top saves, please though, could somebody coach his kicking.
I came away from that a LOT happier than the last time there, We are going to surprise a number of people this season.
Nice to meet @saddla .


Fog on the Tykes (Sky highlights)

iFollow v Barnsley

My default position is always correct, people who set there selves up to be self styled know it all’s are always open to mistakes as has been proved. The web is obviously someones choice of information and it let him down badly.


Anyone who’s questioned what Cook can bring to this team need to give their head a massive wobble!!!

Up the Cookie , up the Walsall !!!


If you think "my default position is always correct " wouldn’t that make you the, “self-styled know it all,” ,old chap?


Not at all, i leave that to you and your compatriots.
I know my place in things and am quite happy to live there, unlike others !