Bates and Kinsella sign new long term contracts

Great news for Walsall Football Club’s future! :clap:

Great news hopefully a few more follow suit.

Very good news …lets hope one or two others do the same.

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Pleased with Kinsella, perfect midfielder at this level, just need the right ball playing centre player next to him (that isn’t gassed after 10 minutes).

Funnily enough, that is not Alfie Bates.

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Goods news, really hope Bates kicks on. Kinsella a good player at this level.

Pleased about Kinsella and I hope Bates kicks on. Needs to work on corner taking and other set pieces.


Very pleased about Bates, and not that arsed about Kinsella.

He’s shown commitment, as he does on the pitch, I just don’t see how we progress as a side in this league - and above - with him in the middle.

The problem is that because of his committed nature, he’s almost undroppable.

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Agree with you on Bates.He shows some promise but he will only become a really good player if he works hard at his game. I hope he will do just that.

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I think Bates has far more potential than Kins - but he’s got to get better and work hard. Very happy he is here for the foreseeable.


Kinsella has probably been our most consistent player of the season, he does a superb job in the middle of the pitch, he does the work nobody else wants to do.


He’s consistently committed - he’s just not constantly effectual in the right areas of the pitch for me.

He is still relatively young, so I hope the management team can work on him contributing to the game more. I hope he does.

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And if he’s playing with Guthrie he’s doing all his running for him as well. You can’t just play with attack minded midfielders. He’s perfect for his role.

Chairman far from happy with the FL rescue package. In fact " it is far from being a rescue package " Looks like he said more but it was edited out.

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Bates been up and down but he still has potential so good move.

Surprised Kins is still only 24 given how long he’s been around for but he’s past promising young player tbh.

For this level he’s o.k but when he broke through the potential was more than middle of the road league 2.

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Every team needs a kinsella especially in this league, the lad is a machine doesn’t stop running or chasing no doubt he could play every game of the season without needing a rest, he gets kicked black and blue and just gets on with it. And I bet his pass completion rate is one of the best at the club.


Luckily that’s exactly what we are too.

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Would he start for you next season if team was back in league 1?

If he’s signed up for another two and a half years that has to be realistic goal in that timeframe.

Personally would drive to move out Sincs and Guthrie this window anyway as they simply don’t provide enough for their wedge.


I don’t think so… every player should be committed in my book.

I think football has moved on - even at our level. Look at the teams above us, a lot of them do have midfielders who contribute a bit more, and don’t run around tackling.

15 years ago? Sure - we had Dobson do that role in this division, but as fitness, tactics, skill progresses, the game changes.

I don’t think he’s rubbish. Far from it. I just don’t think he’s good enough to be in the midfield of a top 7 side in this league.

And he’s not.

Flair players are very rarely committed, give kinsella abit of quality playing along side him and you will see just how important to a team kinsella is.

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