Bizarre Walsall matches


Remember him scoring a spectacular overhead bicycle kick at the then Bescot , can’t remember who against it was when big fat jan was the manager , and carrying on to get his hat trick brilliant


It was Southend. I’ll never forget it:


Think it was Southend first game of the season in the red and black check shirts. Think he lost interest after a few games but he gave us a glimpse of what he could do that day.


■■■■■■■ brilliant how much would he be worth now


Probably about £150,000 according to Jeff.


Or maybe even undisclosed…:thinking:


I think that may have been the same match, I seem to remember something like that.


He also scored a good goal against man utd’s golden generation team and rattled the woodwork too.


Another bizarre game that I remember was the week before we played arsenal in 1978. We were at home to Shrewsbury and won comfortably but the thing that sticks in my mind was that wolves and albion had their game postponed and a number of their fans turned up in the away end. We had wolves under the end of the cowshed while albion and Shrewsbury were either side of the goal, I think Salop were the fourth best supported team at that game😁. Here’s miah with the first goal.


Remember it well. Was on Star Soccer and just about the only match in the region. Alan Buckley said of the pitch that it would have been unfit for horse racing.
3-0 , I think. It was definitely bizarre having all those fans and colours. The next season, Shrewsbury went up as champions and we went down.


Arr, great performance from him that day


Imagine how many times this would have been on repeat in the media if that had been scored in the Prem as per the ■■■■ fest over Rooney’s one a couple of years ago.

Aside from Zlatan’s one against England I am not sure I have seen a better overhead kick. Not that I am biased of course. :wink:


Indeed. I think it’s rightly known as ‘The Best Goal You Never Saw.’


The Boli overhead kick would have been all over the media that weekend, but Princess Di and Dodi Fayed got bumped off on the Saturday night so it got lost in the noise.




I told this story years ago, on the old site.

For years, as far as I was concerned, I’d been at the game when Boli’s goal was scored. I can visualise standing there watching it and commenting to my mates how good it was.

When it was mentioned on UTS a number of years later, and the Princess Di situation was mentioned I was shocked to the bone. I was flying back from Crete that Saturday and didn’t get back home until the early hours of Sunday morning.

Is it possible to be in two places at the same time? Perhaps my body was in Crete and my consciousness at the Bezla :grinning:


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Don’t mention that game. Lol
I was the one who got the massive fine for assaulting the copper, and I never touched him
Remember Leno got threw of bus at Ridley and still got to Wigan before us
Best part about it was after setting a special court up next morning, they put us on a goods train. To come back on, Suffice to say we got off it with more goodies than we got on with


The 2 lads that started it got away in someones car :smile:, i got arrested after bribing coxy to come back on his coach, and when the coppers got on the coach looking for anyone who came on the double decker, coxy stood up and shouted “come on chunky off” :astonished: i ended up in an identity parade, where these 2 bruised and battered coppers were picking out the one’s that had done it.


I remember the stoke game when the lights went out but the one i remember most is the 4-4 away to Watford in 1987.


He’s 53, so probably not that much.