Blackpool (H) 1st Sept, 3pm


Oh well they must have dominated then! Jesus Christ.


:rofl: just stating the facts


and making a ridiculous deduction from it. One shot on target all game tells you it was even, not that one team dominated. While also ignoring the points I’ve made directly.


What game were you watching?!! We were poor, we never put them under any sustained pressure and they looked far more dangerous than we did. I’d like to see if we had a poll of those who went today, how many would agree that Blackpool were the better side today. I think there would be a clear majority with that view.


The one on his playstation :rofl:


When did I say we put them under sustained pressure? I said they had a spell in the second half and that was about it for both teams, although I do think we looked better in possession. Ferrier Ismail and Morris looked every bit as threatening as their forward which wasn’t much because both defenses were outstanding.

Why would a poll change my mind? Or do you only make your mind up based on a majority vote?


And I’m the troll…


I am not at my best at the moment after drinking a few beers tonight so i will retire and revisit for a more civilised conversation tomorrow :wink:


The best post on the match in my view. I agree with you entirely . I would add that we really missed Ginnelly although Morris had a good game . I didn’t get carried away by our start and I won’t get down over today. It was one game and 14 points from the first 6 matches is beyond my wildest dreams.


I don’t think you react to logical argument and so I think it is a waste of time having a debate with you. So, I’m signing off now.


Ah you’re not responding to my direct questions despite me doing so but I’m the one not reacting logically. Gotcha, have a good one.


I thought we were really poor and pedestrian today and I’m not sure why.
We looked a good yard slower than Blackpool and were yards off the, when they had the ball in good positions. Fortunately they could not finish and their final ball was poor.
I spoke with Ferrier after the game as he used the word subdued, I told him that both players and fans were today, it was a bit odd.
I think we seriously missed Ginnelly’s pace And directness, and hope that the players know they kind of got away with one today.


Blimey. The matchday thread more depressing than the match itself.

We were poor going forward but rather magnificent at the back. Possibly the best defensive display I’ve seen from Devlin and Leahy. Unfortunately they, like the rest of the side couldn’t pass wind today.

I’m hoping Cook is designed more for cold, wet days on awful pitches.

But… a clean sheet and a point. Still unbeaten and more home fans coming to watch us. I hope the waverers that came weren’t put off.

And just to build upon the “walk up experience” I spoke of earlier in this thread - seemed to be another big queue at half two. And whatever you do don’t think about a last minute urge to spend money on a ticket and more money on stuff from the club shop. Unless queuing is your thing and kick-offs aren’t.


Never thought I’d say this but I thought Devlin and Leahy were excellent defensively today. Think I would have also brought Kinsella on for the last 20 - 25 mins in place of Osbourne who looked knackered.


It was a day when defences dominated and neither team were good enough going forward to break them down .
Both teams had good possession but were both wasteful when it mattered .
From a Walsall perspective , subdued probably sums it up


A game dominated by 2 strong defences most of the 90 odd minutes - you can see why they a becoming noted in the press as draw specialists…

Thought Dobson was awesome but like someone else said, Osbourne looked lethargic to me and when he went down injured, looked groggy for the rest of the game…

Clean sheet was good to see but as this season progresses and our approach gets tactically dealt with by the opposition, we will need this hard-working ethic but no doubt DK has that in his mind already…


If you’ve ever doubted the volatility of fans ,have another look at this,only 1 month old.

7% predicted top 10. Those who predicted promotion teased. This is still a start way beyond the expectation of the vast majority on here.


“Access denied” !!! :astonished:



Didn’t go, but I do hope our front 2 haven’t been worked out as I suspected might happen.