Blackpool (H) 1st Sept, 3pm


Actually think the only thing lacking was the final ball. Performance and especially the effort was decent for me. Highlights will show that Blackpool had better chances but we controlled the game for large parts and the final ball let us down.


Jesus Christ


Ferrier was literally everywhere?




Whys that ?
If you cant get simple facts right, shut up!
Nobody needs his stupid updates. You need to be connected to the internet to be able to see them, so guess what…the internet will give them to you anyway in a million different ways.
Gobshite ? Haven’t used a statement like that since i was at school, are you ?

And he was still wrong on both occasions


That’s your third or fourth really negative comment today on this thread. I now declare your brief conversion to be over. You are officially back in Ancient Moaner mode. Unbelievable!!!


You’re quite right, I unconditionally retract the word ‘gob’.


What was that??? i am sorry @RedandWhite but if that is all i have to look forward to for the future with you, then i am sorry to do this on an open forum but the engagement is off :rofl::rofl:, i think we were lucky to get a point in the end, blackpool were the better side. i honestly don’t think we had one effort on goal? certainly don’t think i saw their keeper having to save anything of note?. On the plus side we got a clean sheet so still unbeaten onwards and upwards :grin:


Welsh should have realised that attendance figure looked dodgy, even though some were saying it was as they predicted, and phoned the ground to check. (Who would have said: Yes,it’s correct.)


It doesn’t take a lot for Walsall fans to be at each other’s throats does it?

I still love you Welsh.
If you don’t like what he does, either take over or tune in to Final Score.
Glass half full. Still unbeaten ( over 90 mins)


Just heard on Russia Today that we actually won 3-0.
That’ll do for me.


Welsh was unlucky with the attendance. I was about to post the same figure when it came up on my iFollow app, but he was there a nano-second before me.

Otherwise, I would have had to take the flak…:joy:


Flak? You call that flak??? Why, when I were a lad … :wink:


I have pointed out that the guy was wrong on both counts and ought to check his facts first,
You came back with insults !

That’s all i am saying !


check with whom, O wise one? I got the attendance figure direct from the BBC, and the “goal” to Blackpool from the Betfair website. So … with whom should I check my facts? :roll_eyes:


?? All sources appear to have been giving the 3700 figure. Maybe he should have hired a helicopter and counted them himself :roll_eyes:


We looked tired. Thought the back 4 were excellent, especially Devlin. Leahy was excellent until the last 10 minutes when he played some poor passes and seemed frustrated.

Dobbo excellent again. Osbourne was good but sloppy in spells. Ismail and Morris were a little ineffective.

Cook was poor. Offered nothing and his movement was really poor. Ferrier wasn’t much better but as least looked occasionally threatening.

Wilson was ■■■■ when he came on. Gordon had good flashes but wasn’t pretty ineffective.

Positive is we got a clean sheet and a point. Still unbeaten in the league and still up there.

Negetives are that we didn’t really create any clear cut chances and Cook was incredibly poor. He just didn’t seem bothered. Don’t want to see people blaming tiredness, he’s a professional footballer in September. If you’re tired now you shouldn’t be playing.


Well “Oh wise one does not refer to you obviously”.
The BBC always stated 4762 and never wavered.
Betfair ? who knows ?

You got both things wrong, no problem !


Wrong. The BBC posted 3,762 and amended that figure half an hour later. This has already been confirmed by other posters.


Both of commentators on ifollow thought Devlin was man of the match and that it was his best defensive performance.