Blackpool (H) 1st Sept, 3pm


Pinnacle repeating the same discredited “facts.” Why am I getting déjà vu?


Not that any of this matters, but the wrong attendance was ‘officially’ released during the Gillingham game before being revised.


You and only you have set yourself up as the so called Oracle and you got it blindingly wrong, get over it !


Does this really matter?


More Fake BBC News !! Getting worse than Crooked Jeffrey. Witch Hunt !!!


Not at all !


I am going out, insult me at your will…who cares ?


Yep I thought he was superb. He’s improved massively


Well that wasn’t a good game to pick for my first live match of the season!

Not a classic at all, probably one of the dullest games I’ve seen for a long time. Blackpool did the job well and deserved their point.

Take the clean sheet and move on to Barnsley.


Nice to see us get through an ‘off-day’ and get a result, defence dug deep today.


Think to be fair to Wilson he’s no winger. Yes he was poor but big ask for him and pose the same threat as Zeli.

Was impressed with Ferriers effort too and thought he got round the pitch well. His chasing down was admirable, and as you say Cook never ran anywhere so he was running for two at times.

Regarding Cook he was poor you are absolutely right there. Don’t think it was tiredness either just don’t think it was happening for him at all. If he doesn’t score he doesn’t contribute an awful lot, he’s one of those strikers. If you want the ball to fall to somebody in the box he’s your man but it wasn’t that type of game. Think we’re going to have to take the rough with the smooth with him.


Well yes it does. Someone trying to do fellow posters a favour gets stick for someone else’s mistakes.Next time you consider both sides on another thread to be as bad as each other, remember this. This is how he argues; the truth is irrelevant once he’s stated an opinion.


People really arguing over attendance figures?!


Did the romantic drink go to plan?


No like a comlplete prat i ended up in the bar under the lower homeserve instead of the stadium suite :rofl: we did meet up at half time though for a chat :wink:


■■■■■■■ grow up. It’s an attendance. ■■■■ me


can see why fans love Ferrier though, he looks like he would run through a brick wall for you :ok_hand:


Erm , I’d like to give some credit to Blackpool tbf. I thought they were superb and had us sussed from the first whistle.

They stopped our wingers playing meaning no balls into the box for Cook to feed off, I think in all fairness this also contributed to his poor performance.

One huge worry for me was Osbourne, the bloke looked tired and lethargic from the first whistle, leaving Dobson to do the majority of the work.

The back 4 was superb , so that’s the positive I’ll take from today … onto the next one. UTS


I agree with every word :flushed:


Yet our fans don’t believe Ronan is good enough to get into our midfield… mind boggles