Blackpool (H) 1st Sept, 3pm


I thought Osbourne was okay. Bit sloppy on occasions but broke it up without busting a gut.


BTW that defender who was getting dogs abuse in the second half, Curtis Tilt. Born and bred in Walsall. Played at Wrexham in 16-17 so one DK will know all about.

I agree the whole back 4 for them were very solid. If crosses are stopped not much coming centrally especially if Dobson isn’t on the ball.

Today was sort of match where Oztumer was missed, he could pop up with a goal in these nothing games with a free kick.

From players still at the club Edwards being fit sooner or later would be a boost as he at least chips in with goals.


I thought delfouneso played well


I thought Blackpool were superb all over , saying that the rumour is Spearing is still picking up 20k per week :joy::joy:


:open_mouth: that would pay half of our team :laughing:


He was on that at Bolton.

Oystons are even more penny pinchers than Bonser so doubt he’s even on 20% of that.


I was being sympathetic to Welsh and couldn’t understand why pinnacle seemed to be getting so worked up about it.


Went today and didn’t think much of the performance tbh, Only positive were we kept a clean sheet, also thought the ref spoilt the game gave alot of silly fouls against us but when Blackpool did the same tackles or worse they got away with it, been to every1 home game so far and this was by far cookes worst performance, could be tiredness tho


couldn’t understand why osbourne was so bad today either? but as someone else has said, we are only in september so tiredness shouldn’t be an excuse?


This has got to be our season how can we play like that and get a point.
Everyone sees a game in a different way I thought we were very poor all round and Blackpool out played us all the game I never saw us in control this was a throwback to last season a real Whitney performance.
Good points to come out of game still unbeaten in open play a clean sheet and another point near safety.
If we can pinch a point like that it gives hope we can have a really good season.


Outplayed us all game??? Talk about over critical


maybe not ALL game but most of it to be fair, deano will have learnt something from todays game, and we didn’t lose so a win win for me.


Wonder who the free agent is he is signing


Anyone think it may have been Blackpool’s team selection and tactics that prevented Cook from playing…Teams do make plans to disrupt individual players games.


which amazes me because blackpool have no manager?


Yes, I thought Blackpool were the better, more dangerous side and created the better chances. I don’t think I can remember their keeper making a save. Their defence was solid and uncompromising and their left winger (Dodoo?) looked dangerous every time he was on the ball. As for us, we defended okay but rode our luck a bit. I thought Cook was useless - he looked very limited - and Osborne was slow and not involved enough. Ferrier struggled and TBF got very little service as Ismail and Morris were poor. We didn’t have much to bring on to change the game but I couldn’t understand Keates bringing on Kane Wilson on the right wing - he was utter crud! He continually lost the ball and his header from our corner when he was free 8 yards out would have embarrassed a school kid. On that performance, I don’t see what he can offer us. I look forward to seeing what Connor Ronan can bring to us - we were crying out for some creativity from midfield today. Oh well, let’s hope we play better against Barnsley.


Completely disagree. 20 mins of the second half granted.


A bit harsh but sadly true


He’s a right back. He brought him on because Zeli pulled up and Ginnelly is injured. Not that hard really. And I think everybody watched a different Ferrier to me. Constant thorn in there admittedly very good defence.


worked his sock’s off again but to no avail