Bolton and Bury

It also helped that our geographical location was nice and central, not too long a journey for visiting teams.


Which, of course, didn’t help the likes of Barrow, Workington and Gateshead!!

Now Middlesbrough are about to sue the EFL over the mismanagement that allowed Derby to flout the FFP regulations by selling their ground and thereby cheated to get their play off place…
Total shambles of an organisation.

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Am I right in thinking Peterborough fans of a certain vintage had/have a grudge against Walsall as we were repeatedly re-elected in favour of them joining the Football League?

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Certainly Peterborough applied for election many times before they were successful but there’s no reason why they should particularly resent Walsall. On many occasions they got only a handful of votes and in years when we were up for re-election we were never the lowest scoring of the re-elected clubs. Even when we were back for the fourth consecutive year our votes were more than double that of Peterborough. When they did get elected it was at the expense of Gateshead, who were applying for the first time!