Bolton and Bury

It also helped that our geographical location was nice and central, not too long a journey for visiting teams.


Which, of course, didn’t help the likes of Barrow, Workington and Gateshead!!

Now Middlesbrough are about to sue the EFL over the mismanagement that allowed Derby to flout the FFP regulations by selling their ground and thereby cheated to get their play off place…
Total shambles of an organisation.

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Am I right in thinking Peterborough fans of a certain vintage had/have a grudge against Walsall as we were repeatedly re-elected in favour of them joining the Football League?

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Certainly Peterborough applied for election many times before they were successful but there’s no reason why they should particularly resent Walsall. On many occasions they got only a handful of votes and in years when we were up for re-election we were never the lowest scoring of the re-elected clubs. Even when we were back for the fourth consecutive year our votes were more than double that of Peterborough. When they did get elected it was at the expense of Gateshead, who were applying for the first time!


Burys application to be reinstated to league 2 next season has been rejected by the club’s .



I really thought they would vote in favour of them being reinstated to league 2.

They need to make sure to all clubs what the consequences are of running clubs poorly (ie cheating)


I had to laugh at the Bury MPs claim that the 72 clubs were ‘voting in their own self-interest to remove a relegation place’.

That argument really does only wash with 5 or 6 clubs. Maybe, as with most MPs, he should reflect before mouthing off.

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Good riddance. A collectively equitable, and totally correct decision.

Wonder what Bolton voted for?

And for that matter Luton, Rotherham, Plymouth, Leeds, Vale, Coventry, Portsmouth, Bradford, Barnsley, Cambridge, Crawley, Ipswich, Derby…etc

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The fans of both are rank deluded and just outright knobs. Bury and Bolton used to be rivals and now they suck each other off on the basis they both cheated and flaunted the rules. Bury fans Moaning about today’s decision as if it’s not happened to every other club who have financially buggered it. And all those others didn’t gain an unfair promotion.

Hope The National League also tells them to ■■■■ off, which I expect it will.

Let them rot

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The right decision, let a phoenix club rise from the ashes and try to get back to the Football league the proper way , the Accrington way , the Aldershot way , the way Hereford , Chester and Darlington are trying to do.


Agree with all of the extremely valid points above . Pity Bury fans just can’t understand the feelings of fellow fans.
Go to the bottom of the heap and work your way back the proper way and maybe then Bury F.C. will earn some respect back.

■■■■ bury fans. They lauded it up in the good times in their typical gawdy and cheap Lancashire fashion.

And now they can ■■■■ off.

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Apparantly we voted to allow Bury back in if this is to be believed

I’d be very disappointed in the club if they’ve done that.

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From @SaveBuryFC social media account:

“Bury Football Club will start in the National League and will need to work their way up. Only fair. We’re still a club. Minor set back.” #BuryFC

I think they’d be very lucky to start again in the National League. Everyone else has had to start way lower than that.


They had the begging buckets out in 2008 FFS and in just over 10 years later they’re still in the same boat!

Deserve everything they’ve got (and more really, lucky to be in National League). If they were reinstated you may as well rip the rule book up on Financial Fair Play - not that the rules are worth much really.