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Bonser , who wants him gone , and who thinks he should stay


Once I’ve got a response mate wheels will start turning :+1:t3:


One thing I will say is if the response is to offer a ‘meeting’ or a ‘focus group’ to chat about the issues in the letter, this should be point blank refused.

These tactics are used to fob off or role out sacrificial lambs. Sick of meetings and focus groups that are as redundant as the ticket initiatives.


It will be refused, too many people have the wool pulled over their eyes by that.


Have they acknowledged receipt of your email yet Rob ,If so have they given you any idea when they’ll get back to you with the answers to our concerns ?

I take it if not that you’ll be putting some pressure on them to give you some responses ?

Have you a time scale in your own mind when you’ll run out of patience , either with being fobbed off , or getting no joy from their end , and push onto the next line of attack ?


Yes, Dan said he will go through it with Stef when he’s back from annual leave. I’ll give them until the end of next Friday to come back and then I’ll start putting more pressure on. I’d say at the VERY latest if there are no conclusive answers by the end of January, we start to explore alternatives. This affords them the ‘luxury’ of coming back to me with a fobbed off response for me to go back to.

Imagine if they came back with full answers! I won’t hold my breath.


Obviously that’s why you decided to email the facts in the first place Rob , as people have said on here many

times about the waste of time questions at the meetings are where the same old record is played over and

over regarding any awkward questions …" we’ll have to get back to you when we’ve spoken to Mr Big etc etc …"

With this approach they can’t give us the cold shoulder quite so easily , and as you’ve said hopefully you / we

might get a better response with some answers, and if not we’ll know you have wasted your time .:+1:


I honestly don’t think we should afford the ■■■■■ a letter, not saying I don’t appreciate your efforts rob :+1: but I don’t think we should give them the chance to fob us off again, I think we should just take direct action.



I don’t doubt that there are issues in the management of the club’s match day experience, nor that more ambition has been needed, but some of the comments here are wide of the mark. To compare Bonser to the Oystons is pathetic. Take a look at today’s Guardian, or the Mail, or in particular the Sun, read about Blackpools game on Saturday and see what a rest wrong 'un looks like.
I was having second thoughts about going to Bolton and sharing the stand will a handful of malcontents who clearly haven’t a clue about football finance, but for the first time in years I’m actually enjoying watching Walsall again, things are at last on the move and change is happening. So I’ll be there cheering the boys on…and I won’t be waving a Cypriot flag.


Serious question Fish. Do you know something that the rest of us don’t?

What things are on the move and what is this change exactly (apart from the gradual decline of the club)?


Sounds like a fish out of water? Perhaps he’s angling for a new app " roach" from the club? Anyway sounds like he’s ready to let Bonser off the hook? Oops what have I started!!!,


Direct action? but you don’t go to games!!! and what would it achieve?


I have already stated on another thread that I would attend and be willing to sacrifice myself in whatever action other protesters need, because as you say I don’t go anymore so I’m not bothered about getting banned.


No doubt this will stir up a right tench.


Stop carping on…


I don’t think you’ve actually read a lot of the discussion on here about this subject. It’s been specifically mentioned that the issues at WFC are much more nuanced and complex than the ones that face the true basket case clubs.

This isn’t necessarily about results on the pitch, it’s about the future of the club. How on earth is WFC going to survive moving forward without more active, dynamic leadership? As supporters we want to feel like we’re contributing to OUR club, not one man’s pension fund…

Honestly, please take a read through all the different threads on this issue and you’ll find genuine, passionate supporters who have articulated excellent arguments as to why a change is needed. I hope your time in the away end with the ‘malcontents’ doesn’t ruin your day…


Ruddy hell Exile … not again this really isn’t the time or plaice
Some people are already giving us a ruffe ride for these puns


I remember 5 years ago when they shut the upper tier for the first game v Tranmere on the opening day of the season and had to move everyone into the lower because they’d booked a wedding in the Stadium Suite for the same day :joy:


As ze French zay: FIN!


I’ve haddock up to here with these puns. Cobbler(s) the lot of it


If we get a draw at Bolton the replay will no doubt be on salmon chanted evening…

OK, I’ll get me coat!