Bradford City (H) 23rd Feb, 3pm


Just makes me wonder why MOC was up and shouting when none of Deanos backroom staff have all season


But they were doing that celebration when we were doing well


If that is the case and I think it is how on earth did Andy Davis get booked today? Another very poor refereeing performance in my view.


But a lot of the criticism is way over the top.That was Gordon’s 23rd first team game! Some of the comments I have seen about him make no allowance that he very inexperienced at our level. We gave him a 3 year deal and I have seen enough to think he has some very good attributes.


Fair point just saying it is the way of football now . And players get stick on social media whoever they are and whoever they play for.


But that was always to the oppositions supporters not their own


I did think he was giving a bit back to the fans but both my step-sons told me he has always celebrated his goals this way ???


Maybe we have the right blend now with MOC on board to go with Davies who obviously righty or wrongly isn’t a shouter. Lets hope so anyway.


Just look what a bit of fight does. Hopefully a sign for future games.


Where’s the negative brigade gone? Can’t just have a day off because we actually did everything you’ve been crying out for. Support your team! Might be a one off but credit were it’s due.

Edit: I’m referring to 1 maybe 2 posters on here who’d be all over this thread if we’d have lost. WHERE ARE YOU?


Desire and a will to win are big. They showed that today in abundance. I can take defeats, as long as effort is shown. Its hard to take a defeat when none is shown. Hopefully the desire and effort shown by all today will be a catalyst to spur both players and fans on.


as i’ve already said …


You beat me to it by a minute !!


Nice to see.

Liam lost a bit of confidence recently (not a surprise given the awful back 4s put out) but for him class is permanent.


That was in the end a performance that makes the heart race and makes you remember why you are a fan.
Not many would have bet on a win after 15 minutes with Cookie off and BC getting a too easy first goal but without Cookie being the easy big lump pass we actually had to pass to each other mainly on the floor. Why it took a sending off to do that who knows.
When you think of the wallopings and kickings that most teams do to Cookie (mainly unpunished) most games his challenge for the ball looked aggressive but not much else. Hard to see the detail as it happened but after match comments from Keates shows they are looking at it again.
Referee was typically poor and gave Bradford the benefit wherever he could.
I didn’t think that Gordon had that in him for both scoring and workrate. He was excellent.
Not far behind was Roberts saving and blocking and Edwards and Kin’s and Jarvis.
Even The back four in the second half gave their all really. Just wish we pushed up the field a bit more with the back line.
Hard to see from Middle Tier but Skip seemed to be animated and full of pop on the sidelines. I like to see that and it can make a difference.
Onwards and upwards.
Results didn’t go for us today in the main but let’s hope that is the start of a turnaround.


Agreed. One of the best, most whole hearted performance I’ve seen from a loan player . Superb today .


Think he has always had the work rate but no end product like the goals so nice to see , and long may it continue , and it’s the start of better things to come …


Well, after cookie got sent off I thought that’s it, we’m stuffed. And then we went a goal down.
But after that we started to play!
As said by others, with no cookie to aim at, we had to play on the ground.
In the end, a fantastic gutsy performance by everyone. Yes, the defence still gave me kittens every time Bradford managed an attack but this game it went for us!
Great game, let’s hope it sparks a revival.


I thought we were still direct even with Gordon :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

He didn’t win a lot but the pressure he put on defenders often led to us winning the second ball especially in the second half.


He can’t help it…he’s like that when he takes his Mrs out for a meal…:grin: