Bradford City (H) 23rd Feb, 3pm


So what is its meaning…if it has one.


Enjoying a celebratory beer tonight. It’s been a long time coming but worth the wait after that performance today.
Will we stay up? Still very unsure. Is Keates the right man for the job? Still not convinced but given the circumstances of today and some / all of the performances today there is at least hope.
But as the phrase goes ‘it’s the hope that kills you ‘


Does it matter? :joy:

3-2 win with 10 men and outstanding performances and all people want to discuss is a throw away celebration :joy:


i said earlier that our players were giving the opposition ■■■■ when they scored cause they got ■■■■ from opposing fans hense the ear cupping towards them , but now it’s aimed at the home end it’s like ■■■■ you for giving me ■■■■ …


Words from Martin OConnor. To be fair thats what we were doing at the beginning of the season until Russell Martin arrived.


Its not a throw away celebration,if players do it every week (and they do),and fans get the wrong end of the stick (and they do).


They just do it. Nothing in it. Like I said it’s the most irrelevant part of today.


WOW just sat down, what a win :smile::smile::smile: looks like cookie going off done us a favour, we had to change the system and it paid off, could be the the start of the revival, that’s all that was needed, hard work and bodies on the line just the way we started the season, well done lads keep it up :ok_hand:


you can ■■■■ off and get on with the tidying up after the plasterers and the pipe fitting , and what ever , call yourself a fan give me a break …:rofl::rofl:


hope that hurt …:rofl:


:fu: i will always be a fan of the saddlers just not bonzo :wink:


Highlights to savour - for a change. (If you can see them.)


i know mate you don’t need to explain just giving you ■■■■ …:wink:


Sky seem to have relegated both teams already…


The £5 offer worked well in the homeserve today. More noise than usual.
As a season ticket holder I’m happy for the club to let people in for free if need be to add to the match day experience / atmosphere.
Nothing worse than having to shout so that the nearest person can hear you.


If that celebration was enough to offend you then I suggest you re-evaluate life :joy:


Think he was backing us then to be fair …


P.S @SamsaraSaddler hope you’re glad the missus got you the ticket for today in the end , and that you enjoyed the (better) atmosphere , and makes you , and a few others come back , and hopefully get behind them like today , and help push this team over the line


100%! There was absolutely no malice in it. Just the celebration they’ve done all season


I’ll be at the next home game. If they show the same fight and passion I may return after that. If this was just a one off then I’m not interested. I can just about accept lining the parasites pocket given we have a team who fight like today.