Bradford City (H) 23rd Feb, 3pm


as i stated earlier …


Nobody has mentioned the credit Andy Cook should get for today’s win. He clearly knew that by getting sent off the rest of them would have no alternative but to actually try to pass the ball rather than hoof it in his general direction.


Absolute credit that bunch were today. It wasn’t pretty at times but to win a game like that with 10 men for 84 minutes and being behind is a fantastic achievement. Some immense performances today which may have come from the MOC influence.

At the moment I disagree with those stating that the Cook sending off was blatant. There looked to be no ill intention for me, it was a player rising to head the ball. I’ve seen more malicious challenges go unpunished or given a yellow, certainly so early on in the game with no prior fouls. I couldn’t tell properly from where I was stood but I’ve seen it again on the rather grainy footage currently available and I’ll certainly watch again in HD to double check.

Special mention to Liam Roberts. The man is certainly silencing critics recently (including myself in that to a small degree). Some brilliant saves today.

If this game had have been 4/5 matches ago I’d think we might have had enough momentum to pick up points against the likes of Plymouth/Rochdale/Wimbledon and probably have enough to stay up. Not wanting to take the shine off today but given the fixture run coming up I still think we’re down. But there were a lot of positives today and I’ve not been able to say that in a long time.

Only 4,600 homes fans in there today with a £5 ticket offer? :roll_eyes:


Yeah attendance was abit disappointing but you have to remember we had been absolutely terrible for 3 months now . If the fiver a ticket was not on today think there would only have been about 3700 there.


Wow! A “must win” game - that we won :smiley:
What a great result. Excelsior!:smile:


You can’t go up with your elbows like he did. I knew it was a red as soon as it happened and for me it’s a stone wall red. As bad as the referee was today he unfortunately got this one spot on. Let’s just say if it were a Bradford player doing that on one of ours everyone would have been screaming for a red.


Action and comment on Quest


If you are supposed to be making a stand against Bonser then you shouldnt really go when we are showing a bit of form. At least us ‘happy clappers’ (ie those who go to every home game) cant be accused of hypocrisy. Another performance like today will probably get Funkshit The Pan crawling back.


I must admit today is what football is all about, it is what makes watching the saddlers all about, and no i wasn’t there for certain reasons, but i bet bonzo is sitting in his ivory tower tonight, with his havana and his Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande, thinking " i have pulled off another masterstroke with the MOC signing :wink:


Well you won’t have to suffer us much longer as you move to usa or holland on 1st of April.


The obvious plaudits will go to the likes of Roberts and Gordon, but I felt Devlins performance slid under the radar. The timing of some of his challenges and his reading of the game were excellent. It really was a mature performance from him, helped out by Zeli putting a shift in going backwards.

Maybe he’s finally realising that he’s playing for his future here. I can never fault his attitude, but his application was spot on today. With Norman signing a two and a half year deal, you’d usually think Devlin would be out the door. Not sure if Norman had a knock but to be left out of the squad means the door could still be open for Devlin


Went to bed at 0-1, woke up to 3-2. How can I not be happy with that!


Foreigners have the internet thingy as well you know :grinning:


Thanks for that. What a crap comment.


I live in Orkney and only get down once a year, so yesterday was my first game of the season - and the first win I’ve seen for 3 years! Having watched the events of this season so far unfold from a distance, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at 15:00 yesterday, but after 12 minutes, all of the well documented frailties of the team seemed to have been spot on. What happened next though is the reason why we all love the game - and this club - every now and then, amidst all the pain, trauma and dispair, something magical happens. The effort and workrate were immense, the crowd got behind the team, the players kept picking themselves up after set-backs and kept going, bodies got thrown in to block shots - and all in all it looked, at least for 75 minutes, like this game/team/club was worth fighting for. Yesterday is what football is all about. Just gutted that after waiting all season to see Andy Cook play, I get just 6 minutes, and he’ll no doubt be banned for the 2 upcoming games I’m down here for.


Totally agree with you mate.

He also lead with his elbow for the 2 headers prior to the one he was eventually sent off for and the ref was watching him like a hawk for this one.


Absolutely. He’d already done it once or twice but not made contact.


If only they were allowed too :slightly_frowning_face:

Brilliant atmosphere, brilliant storyline, brilliant performance.

Many kids will be nagging their parents to take them again.


Only 1 loan player in starting 11 (Jarvis) and we put in a solid no nonsense performance, coincidence ???
Anyway for what it’s worth watching Cook’s sending off in HD I believe it was correct decision, all season he’s put in similar challenges and it was only a Matter of time before he saw red.
I believe there were all 8 out of 10 with exception of Roberts, Gordon and Guthrie who imo were 10’s, and I also think it’s worth noting the impact O’Connor had on the team, he took up his position in the tv gantry for first 20 minutes and then headed down to the touch line were he was as vocal as anyone I’ve seen in years, that is whats needed a little bit of encouragement and a bit of coaching, and did anyone else notice Keates got the substitutions spot on and at the correct time too ?
I come out there with missus, kids and 2 nephews a very proud Saddler, well done lads and let’s build on it now.


Well actually I haven’t been since Bolton due to the complete and utter shambles that unfolded. Absolutely no fight. No passion. Nothing. That’s why I decided not to come back. I can accept giving him my money if I have a team who fight like yesterday and that doesn’t necessarily mean winning. Don’t try and start an argument. I haven’t liked giving the parasite my money for years.