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Charlton Athletic (A) Tue Jan 1st 2019, 3pm


Anyone for Bolton then?
I get the feeling many pre bought tickets may not be utilised!


Unfortunately I agree Shropshire.

We’re in a relegation scrap. No doubt.


What most seem to be missing is that, based on the last 15 matches, we’re not even going to be in a scrap!


We are so vulnerable at the back. Again today, we start well but then get kicked in the nuts with two soft goals. We were building up a head of steam towards HT but it is another mountain to climb.
To be honest, Charlton are coasting.

The lad texted me to say the fans are getting a little frustrated - who can blame them?


Well I am still going. You just never know with football. As someone remarked above we should have had more points from our good performances of late but either because of errors or not taking chances haven’t had our full reward whilst with our poor performances we have been thoroughly well beaten.
Maybe next week we will put in a good performance and WIN!!!


Shrops…Whitney has gone you need to get over it.

Keates is struggling yes . Is it good enough? Nope. But you have seemed to be against him from the start?


I’m not with Keates’ constant talking down of our ambitions either. Yes privately have your doubts, and have the 52 point mark as your first base, but the start we had was a fantastic opportunity to do much better than we have. Clearly there is ability, as well as limitations within the side, the start made highlighted the former, and showed the latter could be overcome with 100% team work and work ethic. The fact that we seemed to panic out of plan A after a couple of defeats doesn’t impress me. There was enough in that limited plan to be effective often enough to achieve the 52 point mark with ease.


The big come-back??? 2-1 (46 min) (Andy Cook)


Cookie Monster :smile::smile::smile:


Nope, not at all, l loved keates as a player and want him to succeed but, quite frankly, right now we are as dire as we’ve been since before Smith became manager. We certainly went into a mini free fall last season but we weren’t getting tonked like this and shipping in 2+ goals per game. I actually like some of the signings keates has made but, for whatever reason, they’re completely falling apart at the moment and he must take overall responsibility for that.


I agree with you…some of his comments are very strange not in the Whitney sense but in their predictions of a relegation fight. Lets look up not down!!


And with that, derbysaddler, one of those exciting signings gets a goal back and i hope he gets a couple more!


Almost 2-2
Cook header almost dropped for Ferrier


Peterborough Utd 0 Scunthorpe Utd 2 :open_mouth::open_mouth:

Bradford City 3 Accrington Stanley 0


Tonked? Sunderland didn’t tonk us over 3 games and neither did Peterborough or Luton. We don’t look like a relegation team to me and I have seen a few. Clearly there is a lack of experience…we really miss Chambers or someone like him. Osbourne clearly isn’t fit enough to play more than a few games on the trot. I would sign a defensive midfielder in this window given the chance.


All over them now


I’m not disputing that Shrops, I’m sure you want us to do well it’s that sometimes your comments seemed anti Keates or quick to jump on him whereas you were much more patient with Whitney.

Just how I’ve read it anyway.


(breathes sigh of relief…)




Foul on Roberts