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Charlton Athletic (A) Tue Jan 1st 2019, 3pm


Good job Pinnacle ay about :rofl::rofl:


Cook almost equalised with a bostin run and shot


Walsall’s 3rd yellow card, 65 minutes …(Luke Leahy)

Walsall’s 4th yellow card, 69 minutes … (Josh Gordon)


Another one gone begging


Walsall sub. Joe edwards off for Morris


Good chance for Gordon but skied it over the bar

Should be at least level


Doncaster Rovers 5 Rochdale 0

Just for info … Hull City 6 Bolton Wanderers 0 (Oztumer on after 45 min)

Walsall 2nd substitution, 82 min … Zeli Ismail replaces Josh Gordon


Our turn for a 98th minute equaliser??




FFS sounds we should of at least got a point from that :rage:


All over

More than enough chances to draw/win

Same old ■■■■


All over bar the shouting, can we play Hull’s squad in Walsall shirts next week? Please can we can we can we?


Maybe people will finally see what I’ve been saying all ■■■■■■■ season now. There are major defensive problems with this side and they can’t be pinned on one or two players.

It’s a collective. It’s a whole team problem and has been all season but it’s easy to scape goat a few. Particularly crazy when they have probably been the least guilty of the accused.

We need defenders now. It’s a must in January otherwise we are going to be awfully close to where everybody predicted us to be before the season began. Dire. But we also need midfielders that protect the back four out of possession and strikers that don’t just give it away and trot back afterwards (Cook excluded who has held the ball up excellently for some time now).


Many have been saying the same thing, others not.


Hmmmm if you say so. Again.

And anybody that isn’t saying that is ■■■■■■■ deluded or not paying attention.


Well you are making out that only you see this. There are loads of posters who say the same.


I think El Nombre has selective amnesia.

You say we can’t pin this on individuals (in the defence) and then in the same post say we need defenders? :thinking:


Sounded like a vg efffort in the 2nd half but as Ben Purkiss said in commentary - unfortunately you don’t get anything for a good performance.


You say it’s a whole team problem and then say we need new defenders?! I’d argue that, to a large extent, the problem is poor decisions up front and poor defensive midfield abilities. I think someone said it above, we are really missing the experience of chambers and we need to have him back or adequately replace him. We then need wide players who also can defend and a certain striker to learn about decision making quickly.


Feels like it. There’s threads dedicated to two players and reams of abuse every time we lose that completely ignore this.

Clearly I don’t read what you do.