Clarkey Out

Salford away, Exeter home, Forest Green away?

Probably why this season has been so disappointing, hardly any good 90 minute performances, more like a good 45 minutes here and there and even that hasn’t happened in half of the games.

Works the other way though. Getting a point at Forest Green whenever that happened was a total robbery and Grimsby in first game hit the post in final minutes so that could’ve been 3 points easily scrubbed off.

Team are where they deserve to be. I had hope in early part of the season as the draws weren’t too bad against some decent teams at this level but in recent times losing at home to Southend and not winning at Barrow isn’t good and the overall performances have become very s***.


Oh God yes. We just seem to sign lots of players and too many are mediocre.

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I’m not paying to watch this lot and that includes at the turnstiles until DC gets the Shepard’s crook treatment, his style of football infact everything about him is quite honestly annoying me.I’m actually bored of watching it it’s all so very predictable and slow and sideways and backwards we can’t score we can’t defend it’s actually very very depressing.


Yeha exactly, I’m sure Hayden White was signed just because he handed his CV in.

You don’t need two for every position really, one player can cover several positions, especially in 2020, footballers have usually played several positions in their career.

And its criminal we only have one wide player in the entire squad. Even after a year.


The one thing I would say is that we absolutely did need two players for every position this season. We’ve played two games a week every week for the last two months.

Players that “can play multiple positions” has been a massive issue for me. I keep being told Osedebe and Holden “can play right mid”, they are terrible at it. Not their fault. We’re waiting for Josh Gordon to come back and save us … and it’s not his position either.

The fact we’ve signed ■■■■ players for those positions doesn’t mean we didn’t need them in the first place. Clarke just chose bad players.


Mediocre would be an improvement

You’ve forgotten Andy Petterson, Mark Paston, Richard McKinney, and Johnny Brain then?


True, for some of them mediocrity is an aspiration. :laughing:

Paston was better than that.

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Bad coaching bad systems. Of course football is a simple game but I’m not saying DAN Scarr can suddenly play left wing.

I was basing it on the fact you sign 13 or 14 good players first.

If your first lot arent good enough then you’ve got no hope.

It all goes back to playing a diferent formation every five minutes

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Graham Alexander, unbeaten so far this season.

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No no I know, I’m not saying you were. I am just pointing out that versatile players that claim they cover a multitude of positions, or at least Clarke does, have been a massive part of the issue. We needed cover this season whether that was brought or kids just because of the sheer volume of games. I always think you do personally but without question this season. It’s worrying that certain players signed are better options than what we have coming through.

You probably need 17 players in the core squad, with “kids” outside of that who can come in as and when.

The culture of bloating the squad out with dross needs to change in the future (too late for DC obviously)

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Everyone knows what you’re saying and I completely agree with you. No one is suggesting centre halves can play left wing.

Thinking of a prime example of having 4 1st team full backs and 4 1st team centre halves, where it should be 3 of each plus a couple of “kids”. Basically 2 senior player wages completely wasted.

The squad is probably 5/6 senior players heavy.

Agree with this over reliance on mediocre players, which seems to be a policy that the club adapts.

When was the last time the club went out on a limb to sign a quality player? Oztumer springs to mind, and look at the difference he made.


Cracking little player he was,talk about getting bums off seats and that feeling of excitement when he had the ball that is so so lacking right now, infact not one of these gives me anything near that feeling he gave me.


I’m looking forward to watching us play tomorrow.

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I still remember the quote from Smith when he was on a bad run “You lose 3 on the bounce and you’re the devil incarnate. Win the next 3 and you’re the second coming of the messiah”

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you think the downfall has only been in 12 months? Its been going years on years and LP is trying too stop that landslide… He said before he come hes not a rich man but his love for the club far out ways any ideas Jeff ever had and left us in this terrible mess. The last 12 months have not been great no i agree but im dam sure i can see a change in the clubs attitude, maybe not so on the pitch. Hes not a billionaire hes not going too do a Chelsea for us its going too be very slow and long winded. I have more faith now then i did when Jeff was sat up there. LP cant be blamed for poor football and COVID… blame dc and Bozo