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It must be a lower league thing? They must be a lot more lenient because I can count on one hand the amount of Walsall players that I have seen getting booked for a goal celebration.


We have to remember though what a rare occurrence celebrating a goal has been over the last couple of seasons!


Maybe if you do no good this season we come back and have Norwood off you as well :smile:

Strengthening in January?

Say January perhaps to confirm our status as League 1 Champions …


Loving him already reminds me of rammel and Roy mcdonough gets stuck in a winds fans up.


We really should be sitting these new forward’s round the table , and talking contract’s to keep them with us for a few more year’s cause you can bet club’s and scouts have been alerted and are watching them already with the impact they are having.


Trust me ferrier and dobson will be playing at another level within the next couple of seasons


As i said the other night … how would you know you ain’t even been to see um yet :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


but at least with a decent contract we could get an even bigger undisclosed fee :wink::wink:


seen enough on live match last night


Not the same , stop making excuses for not turning up ! my ticket for Blackpool came through the post today …don’t forget to order your’s as you said you would the other night :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Pint’s still on :crazy_face:


dont worry i will be there :wink: but can i still sit in the blue rinse side? :joy: or will you want your pound of flesh and have me singing and dancing at the back of the goal :joy:


If you want that pint yep , and as long as you don’t sing that sh—y song you composed !:roll_eyes:




The length’s i have to go to on here to drum up support for the team :roll_eyes: it’s unbelievable , surely Jeff ought to start giving me some commission :roll_eyes:


ok so cookie came to us with a fantastic pedigree, but although he has given the team a good dimention in winning balls, will that be enough to keep him in the team after missing 3 pens but netting 2 from them? i think that he would benefit from a good striker coach ?


I think he’s adjusting. Taking too long to get shots away at the moment and seems determined to rifle the ball when a side foot would be better, but he’ll get there.

What he gives the team as a unit is promising, especially in his build up play and how he occupies defenders.

Just like Rammell was, he’s also a useful man to have when we’re defending set pieces.

All that said, need Zeli on penalties from now on.


From my limited exposure to my namesake (Rochdale and Scunthorpe) I think he will be more valuable in taking pressure off the more skillful attackers and midfielders, i.e. Ferrier, Zeli & Ginnelly, than as a goalscorer. He seems to want too much time in front of goal , BUT he is superb both in winning balls in the air and in occupying defenders by being a total pain in the arse. I don’t think he will score 20 goals this season, but he will make sure the others maximise their potential, and as such he is an essential piece of the jigsaw.

Mind you I am biased because after supporting the Saddlers for over 50 years it’s nice to hear my name chanted at every game!


I hope that Fryatt can use his experience with him. I remember he and Steve Howard being lethal for Leicester so he should know a thing or two about improving Cook’s overall game. He still scored so I’m not overly worried.


Stockton is very poor.