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I think it’s natural to expect an adjustment period, especially given the fact that at 27 this is his first taste of league football and he’s stepping up two levels from where he’s been operating for most his career. I think we need to remember that we’re not going to be signing strikers who tick every box, and if we’re going to be successful it’s that mix of attributes that will be the key. For me, the Ferrier & Cook partnership is a good mix of pace & power and is a combination that we haven’t had up front together for a very long time.

I don’t think there’s any doubting his off the ball ability, and I’m sure his team-mate recognise the shift he puts in to create space for others. He just needs some refining and I’m a lot more confident in the current coaching set-up to get that improvement out of him, compared to the previous incumbents and their efforts with Bakayoko & Jackson.


You’ve hit the nail on the head , it’s the space he creates for others. He’s constantly backing into the defender or giving a clever nudge , so when the defender does win it they very rarely win it clean.

His movement is also superb , he pulls into all the right areas especially when anticipating a cross. Yes his finishing is a little suspect but hey we are Walsall Fc and not in the position to buy the finished article.


Yep, his physicality is so important. He uses his body really well - even out on the flanks or on the half-way line he retains possession and keeps up moving forward.

He may not be banging them in just yet but what he offers us in the way of forward momentum is perfect for how this team wants to play.


I think he is probably trying a little too hard at the moment. He needs to relax and try and not be so worried about scoring in every game. I hope he scores a “normal” goal soon (not a penalty rebound or a ball deflected off him). I think as soon as that happens he will chill.


I’ve got to admit, I’m a bit surprised at some of the comments on this and the latest match thread, someone actually said he offers little! Really?? After quite a few years of watching one up front, even when for a couple of those the one was Tom Bradshaw, I think what we’re seeing now is like a breath of fresh air, and Cooke’s role in the “two” is pivotal. I don’t want him to calm down, chill out, stop moaning when the service isn’t right, stop wanting to take penalties and score every game, those are exactly the things he should be doing in the role he has. Regards his contribution, no striker cares how they score goals, if he gets ten off the back of his head and another ten off his arse that’ll do me. Obviously there will be all kinds of room for improvement with any player joining that’s never played at this level, but as for refinement take a look back at last night’s goals. For Morris’ you can see the two defenders that should have been closing down BOTH hesitate as Cooke moves into space opening up the chance for Morris to shoot. For the second goal Cooke wins the header about 40 yards out, then appears in the box seconds later to win the pen.

He knows what he’s doing, and is just the sort of player that we’ve lacked for years.


We’ve got form in this regard: Lazy Sawyers and SmithOut to name but two. :flushed:


He does need to calm down though. With a little thought and finesse he’d have scored 5 by now. Tries to put his foot through the ball every time and he doesn’t need to. He’s a good player but has a lot to work on. A Striking coach would do him the world of good. I’d have Fryatt taking sessions with him. His all round game is excellent but his finishing needs to improve and I think it will. Still get the impression he’s excited to play at this level.


He should get some advice from the lad that sat next to me last night in the main stand.

To hear him, I was surprised he wasn’t on the pitch and I certainly got a 90-minute lesson in exactly how to be a professional footballer and I think Cook would have got a lot from it too.

The only downside was that he didn’t know any of our players names but hey, he knew exactly what they were all doing wrong and how he’d have done it better and that’s what counts.


I wasn’t even there so I can’t get the blame for this one! :joy: However I do know the player’s names, from Rambo upfront, Wacka in goal and Kenny Mower at left back… cut the guy some slack, he probably plays Championship Manager and doesn’t get out much! :grinning:


I love this guy after years of powderpuff forward backing out of challengers and never winning a ball in the air it is great to have someone up front who puts himself about bringing others into the game and making chances.
He is in the mould of Rammel and for oldies George Kirby not afraid to get hurt and is more of a target man than out and out striker but will get a good number of goals.


I personally think he’d benefit from the next shirt size up😂. I honestly think his contributions have been over shadowed by Ferrier’s performances. It appears a perfect match, Ferrier has the pace and finesse whilst cook has the size and strength. Regardless of who puts in the net, these pair must be horrible to play against!


I don’t think this team has players that overshadow one another. In the forward positions I think there’s loads of healthy competition, hunger, and a desire to play every minute in order to let the on the pitch business “do the talking” after two years where players and coaching staff spent all week talking big in the press only to let everyone (especially themselves) down when it came to a match-day. Somehow Keates, to his great credit has assembled a smorgasbord of midfield and attacking options from a bunch of players that were either unproven, completely lacking in form and confidence, or just generally regarded as not good enough and seeing out contracts prior to joining the #@Tundz route of life after WS1.

To me the immediate focus to improve would be buying Luke Leahy some boots that can prevent him falling on his arris and inventing goals for the opposition every Tuesday, and getting some cover at centre-half,


Hmm. Now, I remember Don Dorman, Ken Hodgkisson, Freddie Morris, Bill Gutteridge, Albert McPherson and, of course, the peerless Tony Richards and many more (e.g. Alan Clarke) and, of course, my all-time favourite “Cannonball” (The Chest) Colin Taylor . But, you know, with modern tactics, fitness etc I don’t think they would beat the current team. That’s life. That’s progress. That’s old age :laughing:


Blimey you must be even older than me!!! Don Dorman and Freddie Morris are just before my time…I heard my dad talk of them.:grinning: I remember all the others you mention with great affection…you know from this distance they never had a bad game!!!


Colin Taylor wouldn’t last 5 minutes these days,he’s my favourite of all time too,he used to shoot when he ran out of breath whether it be 20 0r 50yds


And boy did he shoot with those snooker table legs. Many times i remember a keeper who had just parried a cannonball wringing his hands after :laughing:

He also knocked me off the wall behind the laundry end with a wayward shot once and he actually stopped and waved to make sure i was Ok.

Memories . . . . .


Yes…when he missed he missed spectacularly…:grinning:


My dad said he saw him have a shot once and it hit the goalpost and turned the pich round :rofl: sorry if i have posted that before :yum:


Very limited if he can’t get his head on crosses. Didn’t really see much hold up play at all and he’s obviously not someone who can cover much ground to press when other team in possesion.

I wonder with Ronan coming in whether we’ll see him go to the bench for a few games as he’s obviously still adapting to this level and Ferrier will go to central striker as he obviously has pace and movement so should be o.k in that role.


I have only seen him at Rochdale (limited evidence ) but I was impressed with the numbers of headers he won and how he bothered their defenders. I look forward to seeing him at Barnsley . To me he looked to be the sort of player we have been lacking.