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Remember. Alfie back in the days of Fellows Park ,happy days.As for Cookie my mate is a long term Trampmere supporter who rated him so come on guys give him a break we need players with character if not style lol.


I think Cook has done ok, but over the last couple of games he’s got that look of someone who really needs a 'proper’goal. Not a penalty rebound or a lucky bounce off his shin. A header, a 1 v 1, or something to fall to him in the box. Once he’s notched something like this, I think his performance will pick up again. I can’t fault his contribution to our overall game though.


we need to put crosses in first - my only ‘criticism’ of anything we are doing.


to be honest the 3 games i have watched i think we HAVE put crosses in but there never seems anyone there to finish it?


We put crosses in but they have genuinely all, bar one from Ginnelly at Scunthorpe from which we hit the bar, have been dreadful.


The final ball/crosses were my main criticism against Blackpool. Leahy is our best crosser of the ball, I’d like to see us find a way to get him into more dangerous positions.


We’re just drilling them across goal to nobody though. It’s my only criticism too.


which seems strange as this would be a tactic needed when your forwards aren’t the biggest, we can get away with more lofted type crosses with the two we have up top now.


Crossing from the byline hasn’t been great and we don’t seem to launch the ball in from deeper. In Cook’s defence I think he takes up good positions but most of the service hasn’t been at head height.


Maybe, like penalties, crosses in are a lottery. We’ll get lucky eventually. :grin:


Two spot on posts. Exactly my thoughts.


When you think about it,Cookie must feel disappointed with his own start to his Walsall career. He’s been built up as the messiah,the chosen one, and although he’s got 3 goals 2 were rebounds from missed penalties and the other was a rebound off his shins.I’m sure he would be feeling a lot better with a diving header in the top corner,a over head kick from just outside the area,and a shot into the roof of the net after dribbling his way past 6 defenders.Maybe he feels under pressure to score a “proper” strikers goal.


I wouldn’t even say that… We aren’t beating the first man.


RedandWhite, Norwood has been great (again). Hes out of contract in June, but us whites are worried about losing him in January, probably for peanuts. I always knew (like Cook) he would make the step up into the FL. You can just tell by his game and what he brings. Hes different to Cook in how he plays of course but offers more than goals. Even if he doesn’t score, he puts 110 percent effort into every game and is a constant nuisance. Scored a lot for us in the National League also. 21, 16 and 24, then goes onto score 5 in his first 5 league games in the FL. Just like Cookie, he just needed a club to take a chance on him in the FL, but gladly we were that club. I fear we may lose him though. Ferrier has done well for you also, we nearly signed him ourselves. Danny Rowe of Fylde is another whos an option and Keates knows him well. Also a player who we tracked, and had into our office during the summer.

Glad Cookie is doing well btw, hes a great lad and did us proud!!

Strengthening in January?

Hopefully today’s goal should help!


Think the goal will be a massive confidence boost for him. Well done!


he certainly looked pleased judging by the celebration :smile:


Need to watch his celebration later, as I was too busy leaping up and down!


A typical striker’s goal…lets hope there are many more to come.


He took his time and buried it!