D 0-0 vs Leyton Orient (A) - League Two - Sat 16th October

Pleased to see Ladabie has recovered.

Not been for a few decades then Fish? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Omg its the commentator from before who can’t pronounce his R’s, life of Brian :rofl:

Bwilliant just Bwilliant!

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Only fools and horses, cwying🤣

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Wock and Woll Medley :rofl:

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Need to stop fooking about at the back

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Trying to play like Man City with league two and loan players I like to see it sometimes but I also don’t mind a boot up field if necessary

Under the cosh at the minute

Don’t like the look of this at the moment.

Oldham 1 up

Looks like they have done their homework on us and sussed us out

Who hasn’t! we are like an open book, if they score first which it would appear is highly likely, it will be game over, then on to Oldham to drag ourselves away from the relegation zone again (but they are 1-0 up already, so not a given that we can get owt from that match either!)

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That wouldn’t take much doing!!

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Seems like a fairly even game after a few early scares

Good header

It’s on dab

Well done Hayden white

We’re being to look like a decent team. Well done Matt taylor


No video on I follow today but on wm dab.
Sound like we are playing quite well without scoring