Darrell Clarke

We certainly did :rofl:


We’re so scared of conceding that we’re set up at home in a 50/50 game scared to go over the halfway line.
So many to quote from.

Well, it didn’t take us 18 months to work out he was useless. But it did take us 18 months to find some losers gullible enough to give us money to take him away. :rofl: :laughing: :joy:


For any new manager I’d actually say it’s hard to come in mid season in these times and get something going. Little stuff like no home crowd so you can’t get a siege mentality going by winning your first home match and probably still restrictions on training ground aswell with team meetings…

But given it’s Darrell Clarke…f*** him!

Really can’t wait for the league games with them next season, he’s going to get incredible abuse so to be brutally honest that’s as exciting as it gets in this division. If he isn’t sacked before then of course.

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Manager Darrell Clarke said: "Quality - shocking at times. Effort and commitment - excellent. But nowhere near good enough for me on the quality. It is nowhere near where I am eventually going to take this football club so let’s not paper over those cracks.
Quote from forum - My only complaint is that chopping and changing players and staff won’t make for fluid football in the short term. Other than that it’s far too really form any opinion other than the guy isn’t afraid to tinker.

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Does everyone think, you can just “get lucky” for a couple of Seasons as a Manager - and actually have very little idea whatsoever?

Just seems bizarre after his success at Bristol Rovers, that he’s now basically a laughing stock; almost charicture like, in the way he carries himself and communicates. Who seemingly continues with crazy tactics and selections but it’s everyone elses fault?


" Fine Margins "

Did he really say that? He really is up himself.

I quite like the Stokies having worked up there. They’re not a bad bunch really. No-one, not even our worst enemies, should have had Clarke inflicted on them.

yes it’s fine margins and we may need a reset after that performance to keep our feet on the the ground after all we did not lose or concede which is a great start at home to Stevenage.

Yeah but don’t forget we’re all dead upset he’s gone and jealous Vale got him.


Proper gutted.

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I think that sometimes, things just come together at a club. A chemistry between management, players and supporters that no-one can quite put their finger on. Some managers then find it impossible to recreate that magic elsewhere.

Sir Ray and Walsall was a perfect fit. Sir Ray and Bristol Rovers wasn’t.


Also the muckers he brought here were young enough then to carry a team at the levels they were playing. They’re just too old now, and couldn’t do the same here.

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I agree. I think all successful teams have leaders on the pitch. Which is a bit of a cliche but the nuance is that those leaders on the pitch need to be all leading in the right direction and that direction needs to reflect the direction of the manager.

Dean Keates’ team had lots of leaders but they were leading in lots of different and selfish directions. Chaos and probably a nightmare to manage.

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The last sentence here suggests he might have had a little help with his second Salisbury promotion. Not beyond the realms of possibility that the debts were wages paid to key players.

They played the 2010–11 season in the Southern League Premier Division after being relegated from the Conference Premier at the end of the 2009–10 season, but won promotion to the Conference South for the 2011–12 season in the first season following their relegation. The club spent two seasons in the Conference South before winning promotion to the Conference Premier via the play-offs in the 2012–13 season. In 2014, the club were removed from the Football Conference after failing to pay debts.

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But they’re from Burslem so they’ll just think “Ooooh, you posh bastard!”


Darrell Clarke = Poor Man’s Mourinho

When they’re on the brink of being relegated to the National League North? :thinking::rofl:

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Just read that… :joy::joy:

My favourite part is how they included the bit where he interrupted the reporter.