Debating Walsall's play-off hopes

There is not much I can say about Friday. We missed a few chances but the level of performance after going 2 down wasn’t acceptable in my opinion.

I don’t agree about Monday though. It wasn’t our best performance of the season but it is worth remembering that two teams play a football match. Salford were a tough opponent, clearly have some good players and were really rough with it. The ref let them get away with a lot in the first half, which didn’t help us.

I thought we did well to stay in the game and we were the team trying to win it in the last 20 minutes, which we did.


I agree. Mansfield we were lucky to beat but if anyone deserved to win on Monday, it was us.

The Knowles injury and to a lesser extent that of Earing have put us out of balance and we have struggled .

Against MK, we seemed to lack spirit, which is unusual. Had we gone one up, as we easily could have done, it might have been different. The penalty might have been the turning point and both DD and Smith were to blame for that.


I agree - i was surprised that the ref let them get away with their tactics. I thought our lads showed a lot of character to withstand that - and to come win after conceding.


Spoke to a fan of there’s he said they played more football than when Matt Smith is in the side he said they are completely route 1 with him upfront a lot of there fans dont like it and reckon its Robinson who’s implemented it since he arrived

I thought Salford got away with a lot and that late winner served em right.


Ridiculous dive by one of theirs too. Even he looked embarrassed when he got up.

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6 points from The Mongs and Tranmere away, and Salford at home - I think most of us would have taken that beforehand.


Yes, spot on. Business end of the season and we’ve just taken an average of 2 points per game from our last 3. I feel we’ll end up a point or two short but let’s be very clear that, compared to previous seasons, this has been an enormous improvement. And this is a rookie manager in his first season.


Must win. Was. :+1:

Good chance to get over 70 points. Do that and Barrow and Crewe get drawn back into the mix regardless of what Crawley do.

Last 10 form table


Was Doncaster’s single defeat against us?


Gone through the points totals of the team that’s finished 7th since the play offs began

69 points good enough 27% of the time
70 points enough 38% of the time
71 points enough 59% of the time
72 points enough 78% of the time

Put simply We need 3 wins from our last 5 to give us a pretty good chance of making 7th

1987 Leyton Orient 69 *
1988 Peterborough 70 *
1989 Wrexham 71
1990 Chesterfield 71
1991 Torquay 72 **
1992 Barnet 69
1993 Bury 63 (NB Walsall 5th with 73)
1994 Carlisle 64
1995 Scunthorpe 62 ***
1996 Colchester 72
1997 Cardiff 69
1998 Barnet 70
1999 Swansea 71
2000 Hartlepool 72
2001 Blackpool 72
2002 Hartlepool 71
2003 Bury 70
2004 Lincoln 74
2005 Northampton 72
2006 Lincoln 66
2007 Shrewsbury 71
2008 Wycombe 78
2009 Shrewsbury 69
2010 Dagenham & Redbridge 72
2011 Torquay 68
2012 Crewe 72
2013 Bradford 69
2014 York 71
2015 Plymouth 71
2016 Wimbledon 75
2017 Blackpool 70
2018 Lincoln 75
2019 Newport 71
2020 Northampton 73****
2021 Tranmere 73
2022 Mansfield 77
2023 Salford 75

  • only teams 4-6 made the play offs, other play off team came from division above
    ** teams 5-8 made the play offs due to league restructuring
    *** only teams 3-6 made the play offs due to league restructuring
    **** Covid season implied points over 46 games

Yes it was

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I admire your optimism.

Everything before 1995 shouldn’t really be counted as teams only played 42 games.

What happened in 2006? That is a low total.

Who knows what will happen, things rarely go as you expect. 10 Points from 5 games seems a good target that will give us a good chance. Goal difference could come into play, which won’t help us.

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Good spot guess we need at least 4 wins out of the last 5 then

2006 the bottom teams took a lot of points, meaning there was less to go around at the top

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Id take a point at Donny the Trivela to pack Poundland for 3 home game in a week deal

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3 wins and 2 draws or 4 wins and a loss should be enough looking at Barrow and Crewe’s remaining fixtures. We should be able to turn around the gd with Crewe.
Not losing on Tuesday would be massive

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It’s a shame that our destiny is no longer in our hands as it once briefly was. If it wasn’t bad enough having to chase those above us, I think that Doncaster’s excellent run of results could easily continue, to such an extent that they could overhaul us. To hinder their rise, we really need to avoid defeat at the least on Tuesday and clearly a win would be a significant boost to us, taking our total to 65 points and reducing their maximum achievable down to 70 points, which would almost certainly put them out of the race. Having said that, Doncaster on current form, would appear capable of winning each of their last five games.

Crawley’s ability to secure impressive wins is obviously making our task to catch them increasingly difficult. I think that we’ll probably need to win four of the last five to give ourselves a real chance and Crewe losing two (or only getting another six points) may let us in.

With this being a topsy-turvy season for most clubs, clearly anything could still happen, although fingers crossed that we can do our bit to secure some games in May.


All this is talk is brilliant, given our prevoius 5 years. Its great to still have something to play for. Lets hope we can take it to the final day


I think we’ll come up short because across the season we are short.

But that shouldn’t diminish what has been achieved since around Christmas time. There have been some great performances and great results.

Now the best season by some distance since we dropped down here. Sadler, his management team and the playing staff all deserve a lot of credit as do Trivela.

I think we’ll finish 212 so 69 points. Tantalisingly close but just a few too many games that we either couldn’t hold on or find an all important goal.

Hope I’m wrong and that we can find the three or four wins we need. But either way, at last we’ve given it a bloody good go and can be pleased with progress and a top half finish.