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Defence - what is going on?


Still true though.




Albion apparently closing in on a new defender. Probably means Fitzwater stays. Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing at the moment


I’ve taken interest in watching your two miscreants over December, looking to see if they really are below the par of the rest of the team.

They’re not. They aren’t great, and much better going forward, but are not the singular or even the main reason for our defensive issues.

Allowing unchallenged runs from midfield is a massive problem. We’re missing Chambers, someone with some bite in midfield.

Roberts is a very good shot stopper, but still improving on some of the close quarter basics. There’s no way Walker, even past his best, would have allowed either of the Luton goals in. Having keeper issues is absolutely paramount to the confidence of the defence as a whole.

And I think it’s worth looking at the team as a whole, rather than continually criticising and highlighting the efforts of any two players. Some of the actions they make are worthy of your criticism, but many are not, or are advanced to simply service a position. An example - highlighting ‘the header’ for Luton’s second goal is stretching things. It wasn’t brilliant, he did what he could, but also wasn’t disastrous in itself. Roberts and Fitzwater were far more culpable - really poor decisions and actions, giving the unnecessary foul in the first place was asking for trouble and allowing the final cross to come in ‘after you sir’ was also poor. The midfield has a lot to answer for.

My thoughts.


I don’t think I have ever once said it’s all their fault.

I just repeatedly highlight they’re generally culpable in some way over the past 18 months.

They’ll be gone at the end of the season anyway, so we won’t have to worry.


Culpable of what though?

If it’s being bang average at this level then I’d say they’re in good company.

Anyway, not having a go, just my thoughts. Happy New Year!


Agree with this , pay below average wages and in return we have 2 average players.

In my eyes we are winning.


Incorrect. We are paying then we’ll above average wages.


You have no proof :man_shrugging:t3:


Go have a look up my last few posts about signings. I’ve told everyone position and what order we will sign players.

I know what I’m talking about.


The simple fact is until we start playing fully as a team a lot of these debates are virtually pointless. Too often in games we are still poor when we don’t have the ball. No tracking of runs, poor positional and flat set up across the midfield doesn’t help as once the opposition breaks the line they have the back 4 exposed. Part of this is going 4-4-2, early on in the season Ginnelly covered ground on the left flank very well, this in turn meant Leahy looked improved as he had help and wasn’t being constantly overloaded. However on the other side Ismail offered Devlin virtually no support so he would find himself overloaded. When we attacked down the right however Ismail and Devlin linked up well and therefore caused opposition defences trouble, this in turn pulled their defence across which created space of the other side for Ferrier to pull out wider and cut inside with the ball.

If you play 4-4-2 you have to have wingers that cover the defensive and attacking portions of the game, something we don’t have. An alternative is to have a defensive midfielder who drops in between the centre backs which allows the two full backs to push out wide and man mark as there is central cover. Again this hasn’t been happening, instead the two full backs have to come narrow to cover, the wingers aren’t getting back which leaves the opposition winger unmarked at the back post from crosses.


Above average for us or for league 1?

Do you know of any plans to strengthen the defence this window?


Course you do :joy::joy:


… eh?


It all depends on getting people out - there simply isn’t the budget to justify spending so much money on positions in defence.

I think we will limp through to the summer and have a ruthless revamp.


@Mazza01 Bangor boy know’s everything, haven’t you gathered that by now ?
Master of knowing everything, experienced of knowing ■■■■ all.


I gathered …


Go have a look at my recent posts. You’ll see it’s all correct.

As per the master of everything comment… not a master of everything, but a master of a few things :wink:

There’s more life experience in my left pinky finger I guess.


Yeah took a ■■■■■■■ genius to work out we were signing a winger after letting one go (after it had already been reported anyway)

You haven’t got a clue what they are on.


Given the obvious problems, I would have thought that any money available needs to spent on improving the goals against column.