DOF named today?

Has Mr Chairman slept with your wife or something, we get it you don’t like him!!!


If you think about it he’s got a point, even if a little overboard.
What HAS Pomlett (who was part of the crew in the Bonser tenure) actually done for the club apart from some cosy chats full of deceit and fibs?
The team have gone so far backwards we are in danger of non League from the bottom of the 4th Division. The ticketing, fan entertainment, facilities, and ground have remained static and outdated.
I think FHTF or Geordie should be promoted as fan members of the board, they would shake things up a bit, and my god is that needed.


It may have escaped your notice that for the past 12months we have not been allowed into the ground!!! LP had appointed new staff to deal with some of the concerns raised but they had to be “furloughed” When the new season starts those of us who go to games will be better able to assess whether things have got better or not. At least the newly refurbished Bescot Bar will be open.
In my view he doesn’t have a point at all and all this destructive criticism will get us nowhere. I posted before if LP gives up we are all well and truly stuffed!!


Ideal for a slot at The Venue, then…


Correct. Done absolutely nothing for Walsall fc. And will reside over worst league finish in 50 yrs. I don’t particularly dislike him though. I just think he’s completely useless and I knew this from day 1

I’m very surprised we havn’t named this DOF yet.

Its now a month since we started the process, and over a week since we concluded interviews.

I can only read into that two scenarios.

  1. the club’s choice has knocked us back and we are moving down the list.
  2. he is contracted elsewhere creating an as yet unresolved situation.

Lets hope its 2.


Na we are waiting for them to get their release papers from broadmoore :grin:


I just keep imagining the interviews.

Reminds me a few years ago I got this interview at Sainsbury’s for some random job I applied for online when I was bored. My missus literally made me go for the interview for some reason, so I went even though I wasn’t interested.
And the bloke interviewing was a right geek, he must have been about 25-30 years younger than me. The questions were coming, and I was doing my best going along with it, until about question 6 he goes " so describe in one sentence why you want to work for Sainsbury’s"

So I just went “I just love free stuff mate”, and he was just scribbling away writing it down.
Then he comes with the next question “if you had to describe what makes Sainsbury’s different from other high st retailers what would you say?”
So I goes, “for me its the orange trim on the uniform. Not only is orange my most favourite colour, but if I got this job, and i was given the opportunity to see the orange glow of the sun rising over St. Mary’s island en route to a 6 AM start I would feel like I was wearing the colours of the rising sun, and I used to drink in there with my brother before it burnt down”.

He just goes…ok…we’ll be in touch :crazy_face:


:joy: :joy: :joy: classic

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Just needs a new message in the E&S ( not a video) to clarify what’s happening with regards to BD and the D.O.F Instead of supporters concluding there own opinions!!!


I’m not surprised. They have to get this right and its a senior executive appointment. Will probably take a while to conclude, and we won’t hear till closer to the end of the season.


There is no rush with this appointment

For the appointment to be having any impact on results it should have been made 12/18 months ago so one week or 6 weeks longer is no longer here or there.


I had a mate who worked for Sainsbury’s . He told me that he once interviewed a bloke who was a complete waste of space. He said the bloke thought he was being funny by wittering on about free stuff and the orange uniform. He sees so many idiots wasting his time at interviews he couldn’t be bothered to rise to it. He just told him that he would be in touch.




I totally agree they have to get this next appointment right, the future of the club depends on it.
If it’s going to take another few weeks, or months, I don’t mind.
What I do mind is LP not informing the fans with (at least) an update, this silent treatment is not working for the majority of us.
It’s obvious he’s keeping Dutton on until the end of the season, that makes sense. I don’t want BD being appointed the permanent manager, but it’s the logical thing to do with so few games left.
I can only conclude the owner is waiting for season’s end prior to making any announcement about the DoF.


What happens if we finish 17th next season with a New manager and DOF ?? .

What happens if we win the league …

In either scenario, the sun will still rise in the morning and Uncle Jeef will still collect his rent money.


We get promoted