Expectations for the upcoming season

Can see us doing a Bristol Rovers, slow start building to a play off/promotion push IF we sign a decent striker

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Difficult to call. I’m very hopeful that we will be at the right end of the table and will no doubt back up that hope with a few quid at the bookies.
My only expectation is that we will finish higher than we did last season, as we will have Flynn here for all of it, with the players he has chosen.

I think it depends on what other strikers come in.

I thought you said Norwood was signing today :wink:

Oh yeah he is :rofl:

We’ll win some, lose some & draw some. As we’ve all seen over the past few seasons League 2 is a horrible division & consistency is what makes teams successful in it.
If this seasons crop of players perform consistently & to MF’s plans / formations then we have every chance of being there or thereabouts come the end of the season.
Of course, without a striker (or 2) that can find the back of the net on a consistent basis we’ll get nowhere near…

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Bottom half with the current forward options, simply won’t score enough to challenge.

Hopefully this changes in next 3-4 weeks.


I’m hoping and expecting we will be pushing for the play offs. It looks like a hugely competitive league this season but I think we’ve made some astute additions and I think the days of us being an easy pushover are long gone, nobody will enjoy playing us. 6th-10th

Last season, I was optimistic. I thought Ash Taylor and Ward would bring experience and stability at the back, Holden would be a top player, Labadie would boss midfield and the loanees up front would be effective. All of that was wrong,

This year, we have a couple of older players but with no sign yet that their legs have gone. In this division, you need a solid defence and to be good from set pieces, above all else. Those two things seem OK so we should not struggle badly. But we do need to score goals. If we do not bring anyone in, then mid-table at best,

I have one left-field hope: Kiernan could become a goalscorer alongside the right player. He will need to improve his shooting but he has decent pace and his positional sense was improving,


It is inconceivable in my mind, that we won’t have two new forwards, one of which may be a loan, before the season starts.

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I agree but that is what everyone said last year and they did not come. I guess I have been stung by last year’s optimism.

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I think top 7 or even top 3.

Obviously Flynn has a plan and he appears to be making sure that he has competition for every position, so if a player has a bad game, unlike last season they will know there is someone else going to take the shirt. He also has the manpower to play a fast paced game.

Personally I am expecting at least one decent striker to come in, probably on loan, unless he has spotted potential for goals from one or more of the current players signed.

Agree with this but massively depends on the forwards we bring in. Expect us to be a lot fitter this year too. Think this played a big part last season, didn’t look a fit side at all especially whilst Taylor was here.

Great user name.

Some forwards will definitely be signed, but I don’t think they’ll be the ‘names’ most want.

I think more chances will be created with this side compared to last seasons though due to the wing backs he has signed.

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Thanks NSD, Optimistic by name and Optimistic by nature.

I need a good season this time to avoid the flack I get from some.


To be top half in this division you simply need to be organized in 50% of your games , if your organized and solid at the back your in the play offs , it won’t be pretty most of the time but we will be up their top 7 if not top 3 .

Look at the teams that went up last year

In Flynn we trust


Heart would like us to beat the Experts and Betting companies expectations of 17th at best. But head says “you need to score goals to win games”.
Will we sign a young, energetic, enthusiastic lad from a bottom feeder Championship’s reserves at the last minute? Yes, I think we probably will, but there will be no ‘marquee’ ‘name’ coming our way. I believe he rates Andy Williams as the ‘striker’ that will get the goals.

Not sure when you last looked, but that’s not the case at all.
7/2 best for a top 7 finish
11/2 best for promotion

This is a rather mediocre league, even one player can make a lot of difference. I still think there will be new additions (more loans, than permanent signings), that will be enough for this level. Everyone, starting from the board, through the management team, to players wants the same. Promotion. And have some assets, that can win it.
PS And I still think there won’t be a recognized ACM. There are other ways to build chances in the game and Holden? Well, I’ve seen here, he won’t play again.

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