Fans back in stadiums?

Perhaps everyone was going to have to enter through that completely weird entrance at the away end!

I’d have thought that the situation of the ground would be taken into account in terms of lots of people descending upon a heavily residential area. Luton a case in point.

The Bescot is actually ideal from that point of view. 1,000 people split between walking, catching a bus that stops outside the ground or catching a train that stops right outside the ground or car into a ground with ample parking should mean that the local community are barely impacted at all. It also means that the proposed ticket check can take place a distance from the gates and outside bar and catering are eminently possible. In fact it is completely the opposite of Kenilworth Road.

For once our ground in its soullesness and distance from community may actually provide an upside.


Would the Stadium Suite be open before games does anyone know?

In the 3,200 option the club were looking at making the stadium suite available for a limited number of people.

The plan was for most food and drink to be available outside of the ground.

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From the minutes of the WPM on 7th September:

Update from Walsall Football Club Supporter Liaison Officer:

GW asked DM if the Stadium Suite would be available to use, to which DM responded saying that there are a few options for this area. Should the take-up of hospitality season tickets be greater than that of the Bonser Suite, we could look at using this area and tie it in. Another option could be to create a ballot for season ticket holders in attendance to be granted access (looking at 100 supporters in the area as per social distancing measures should this be a feasible option). SG added to this matter and stated that supporters will be able to get food and refreshments during their visit via the food village which will be situated outside the premises.

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As predicted…

98% accurate…so in a stadium with 50,000 fans just 1,000 would receive a false positive result, be refused entry, and then …along with their family and other close contacts have to undergo house arrest for a week or two weeks (whatever the nonsense is), sounds absolutely wonderful!! And given that we’re currently locking entire areas down for having 40 or 50 “cases” per 100,000…how would 2,000 cases per 100,000 look on the morning of every football match in the country?

This is the insane world we are walking into. And of course if you refuse the test you don’t get in.
This testing bollox is preparing the ground for when the vaccine becomes available. It won’t be compulsary…you just won’t be able to go anywhere or do anything unless you’ve had it, and can prove as much.


Dan Mole said today that we are still looking to have a pilot game next saturday (26th). He said that if it was limited to 1000 spectators there would be a ballot of season ticket holders to see who would get a ticket.

How about a ballet of season ticket holders instead? We’d be judged on how well we could do a pirouette and an arabesque, and the best ones would get into the ground.


I’ll be watching on iFollow then

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I wouldn’t bother. If I’m going to be wearing a tutu and tights it might be best avoided. :sweat_smile:


Worse than a mask? :smile:

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I guess so, the idea of a mask is to conceal, whereas the tutu and tights would reveal rather too much. :open_mouth: I’m beginning to think a ballot is a better idea than a ballet after all. :grimacing:


Have a bet on the game ending 2-2.


A much better way of allocating tickets for any pilot match would be to use alphabetical order. This is a always seen as a fair way of listing individuals and is free from bias.

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Or we put our name in the hat knowing what the requirements will be, get drawn out, then do a Luton and say we haven’t been given enough time to implement the requirements!

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I agree but mentioned it to my friend and fellow ST holder Zachariah Zebedee Zysst and he thinks it might be unfair. You just can’t please some people.

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Aaron Aarons would be pleased though

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During these financially challenging times any allocation must be based upon the Gross Average Spend per Head (GASH).

The GASH is essentially the amount of money each person attending spends at the stadium. Could be merchandise, Food, drink, programme etc.

The bigger the GASH the more revenue the club makes.

In essence fans would need to make a pledge and those with the biggest GASH would gain entry.


Aren’t the away team using it as a makeshift dressing room currently?

Burton friendly the other week they came out from the tunnel from the Tile choice and they certainly weren’t changing in the lower tier bogs. :rofl:

That’s the Community Hub, the Stadium Suite is upstairs.

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