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Not at all. Most businesses borrow money in order to grow.


I meant isn’t using the 300K from the sale of adebayo instead of having a loan to get through the season are both keeping us afloat thus the same thing.

Both the loan and the sale are both keeping us a float how’s the loan being used compared to the sale of adebayo being used any different in terms of keeping us afloat apart from we don’t have to pay any loans back?

Do we know for sure that the money for Adebayo or Jules was paid up front? Wouldn’t be surprised, given the current climate, if there was a lump sum followed by instalments.

God knows mate my minds blown at the fact that when I said above the sale of adebayo was used to keep us a float someone wasn’t happy but when someone said it was probably so we didn’t need loans to get us through the season that was ok!! It’s the same outcome we still use either to stay a float.Anyway in answer to your question your probably right with the instalments in the current climate.

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In hindsight, we shouldn’t have played silly beggars with Hearts over Adebayo. If LP recognised the need to sell to balance the books we probably could have driven a harder bargain and would have had a week or so to find a replacement rather than it all going down to deadline day.

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Couldn’t agree more as soon as Hearts came sniffing we should have had contingency plans in place instead of running around last minute for a replacement because when you do it like that 9 times out of 10 you get an Osei Yaw.

Instead we tried to play hardball with their manager who took DC to the cleaners with the cross border transfer thing which made us look very silly.


Another element with last minute deals is that we’re less likely to get the best from appearance fees, add-ons agreements etc. Not that I’m questioning our crack team of negotiators…

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Yes that’s the correct answer but no doubt they’ll come out with some waffle that he’d been watched for months and was DC’s (or Dutton’s) number one striker target regardless so I await the reply with interest as the striker loans have simply been a failure this season and there’s been four of them.

Vincent would also be interesting to find out how he came on the radar instead of just giving Perry some starts earlier as it’s not like squad was short of numbers in midfield even after getting rid of Guthrie.

Club simply can’t afford to waste loans like the last few years if you want to be near top 7.


Fair enough…but what happened to the 100k + for Jules and DC compensation.

Lets say the team were actually in play offs in January. No way would DC have gone and would’ve certainly kept on to Ade so that’s money that would’ve come in.

I assume other money gets put aside for rent given it’s actually been a very rare even in last decade to actually sell key players in January.

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I’m actually surprised how well he’s doing at Luton, adapted really well at championship level with decent goal return. Another season of that and will be top half championship teams and perhaps even prem teams looking at him so fee of 6-7m shouldn’t be out of the question so he could be the new Troy Deeney once Rico signs his new 10 year contract at Brentford next week. :wink:

Going to SPL and scoring 15-20 wouldn’t be as profitable in long run so it should work out o.k for the club with a bit of luck for a change.

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Very good question and maybe another to add to your first questions and all ones that I’d like the answers to too.But as usual it will be skirted round,my personal opinion is that after all this super league stuff and owners being sly now is the time for transparency with the fans and no more cloak and dagger.

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