Same. I was all for starting the new lad but if he really wants to make a difference to his performances give him the chance. If he’s struggling at 60 mins bring on the new lad.

By the way I thought he was quietly outstanding in the Bolton game. Never got on the score sheet but was a constant thorn. Some good runs in behind that were never found.


Yeah that makes more sense. As long as rumours of him being disruptive aren’t true then I’m all for him staying. I’ve always liked him myself anyway and given time will do really well.


Good for him I say.I am glad he stayed and hope over the next 2 seasons he will continue to improve.He has some of the qualities that any club at our level needs. Agree also with the comment above about his performance at Bolton.


Na na na na na na na na na, Ferrier, Ferrier, Morgan Ferrier :notes:

Proper test of Keates’ man management skills this, would love to see them both succeed.

Wonder who shared the story with the E&S, I see no one is directly quoted. Did Keates win this one with ‘the club’ aka ‘the Landlord’?


As much as I want to see Oteh play I agree.


Southend say this, Masi says that, Keates said this, or was is Bonser? Or maybe Gamble?? Or maybe Rosemary the telephone operator??? Social media, and general media tub-thumping again. Morgs, and the rest of the “we’ll learn from this… we need to that better…I’m gonna fight…we’re in it all together” brigade, need to belt up, and start doing their talking on the pitch.


Hold on, Keates Masi and the club are all saying the same thing?


Whether he’s very family orientated or struggles to adapt away from home, it just seems that Ferrier struggles to live/work out of London. He moved on loan to Kettering after less than a year with Forest, he turned down Tranmere because the travel was too far, and he’s spent the majority of his career with teams in the south east.

Add to that the fact that league football requires a lot more national travel and overnight stays, it makes sense that it could be home-sickness rather than a straight-down-the-line attitude problem. He started well but maybe a loss of form and adapting to being away from home has effected him?

Either way he gives us a different dimension to any other player in the squad and I hope he cracks on.


So long as they’re not saying “the same thing” after a defeat on Saturday that’ll do me :wink:


Perhaps we could fit him with London blinkers, like they do horses. Just tell him he can’t park anywhere, and his rent has gone up 40%, he should feel right at home.


We should all get arsey about escalator etiquette and start panicking every time there’s half an centimetre of snow…


And if he speaks politely to any strangers in the street they should look at him like he’s just come from another planet.


Home sickness unless you’re a 15 year old with acne at a sleepover is completely inexcusable. This is 15 stone of pure tattoos and muscle that is paid well to kick a ball around a field!

I warmed to the the fella straight away but he does seem to have issues and my money is on the common modern footballer illness; twatagentitus


Based on what though?


Pretty sure it doesn’t matter how hard or old you are you can still miss something.


I miss my home when I am working in London, Nottingham, Plymouth etc etc; if I started underperforming my customers would stop paying and I would be out of business.


So wouldn’t it be more productive to move home where it doesn’t effect your working life? :thinking:

This notion that missing home or not being happy somewhere and moving because of it is weak is absolutely ridiculous. It’s called a work life balance and literally everybody has one that suits them. It’s got literally nothing to do with weakness. It hasn’t even got anything to do with performance, it’s just how somebody feels.

More to the point, he hasn’t even moved!


Correct. I miss centre-halves that can head and kick a ball away, wake up every morning and cry my eyes out over it.


Leitao left due to homesickness. What a ■■■■■.


Tony in payroll left our place the other day to spend more time with his wife and new child. What a weak selfish bastard.