Fleetwood Town (H) 9th Mar, 3pm


Too many goalkeepers


It’s called inspiring your players. If you watch these performances now compared to before it’s pretty undeniable it’s fresh inputus. But yeah, fob it off :man_shrugging:

Right about what?


here we go where is that popcorn giff :smile:


Good performance today, especially 2nd half. Look much more solid now, and was very impressed with Scarr and Guthrie who kept a dangerous forward line very quiet.

Worried early doors though as Ferrier kept switching off leaving Burns with the freedom of their right wing. However things improved as the game went on.

Roll on Tuesday!


Well organised and solid first half. Everyone knew what their roles were and worked hard to limit space for Fleetwood to use.
That is a real difference to earlier months of the year.
Second half much livelier with the ball and there were sequences of controlled quality play and movement not seen for many many weeks.
All were 8 out of 10 if not better. Special mention to Gordon though who gets better and better. Despite not scoring he made Fleetwood defence and keeper nervous.
Great at last to see us scoring again from worked set pieces.
Well earned 3 points and the MOC effect rolls forward.


It was great to see the community stand so full…this should be the case for every game


Would be great if we could break the 5k attendance tuesday night , and give the lads a real noisy backing


They showed respect during the 1 minutes applause for Barrie Blower.


The next Schools Partners ticket initiative is not until next season so it’s back to normal until then.


Indeed they did.


Glad I went today and the team is clearly starting to understand the importance of retaining shape and every man doing his job

Impressed with all of them today especially Kins and Josh - also thought Dobbo worked his socks off.

Anyone know if that lad that got hit in the face with that clearance from Leahy is OK - credit to Leahy for genuinely feeling sorry and trying to check that all was ok etc by ensuring the ball stayed off the pitch for a while…

Just a couple of other notables from today (IMO) - standard of refereeing is clearly rubbish at our level. Also, what a terrible following from Fleetwood today - less than a 100 for a league game when you can still potentially be fighting for a play off place is awful.


But also our attendances are nothing short of embarrassing , you look at the highlights on TV , and the place looks 3 x emptier than what it appears when you’re there .

When you look at some of the gates people are getting , yes there are a few below ours but i think there are a lot with a hell of a lot more


97 Cods…I counted them twice!


Anyone you knew Fish? :joy:


Oh my cod don’t start that again @Coop63:rofl:


I thought every player fought for every ball from start to finish,they didn’t give Fleetwood time to settle on the ball anywhere on the pitch.When they did get a move going the defence/midfield dealt with it using blood,snott and aggression the 2 centre halves looked as though they were up for it as did the rest of the defence.

Special mention for Dan Scar,first time I’ve seen the bloke play,heard some negative stuff about him,but going by todays performance he will be a big player for us over the next few years.His distribution was rubbish,but that’s not what he gets paid for,a boot up the field will do till he feels more confident to pass it out,and of course the cherry on the cake,his goal,it wasn’t a bullet header from the penalty spot,but they all count.

I thought Dobbo,Kins,Edwards,Leahey and Devlin worked hard and set the ball up for some good forward play by Ismail and Gordon.Ferrier didn’t impress me at all,apart from his goal obviously.

We are missing Cook,even though for some reason we were knocking balls up as if he was there,that was a bit counter productive to me.


Literally just seen the result. Top class lads.


I went today, I thought first half, if your not playing at your best stay organised and more importantly stay in the game. We did that well. We did start slow lacking tempo.

Second half, absolutely terrific to a man. Dobson was like a different player, he was reading the game fantastically. As many have said Scarr is looking really solid now and I have to give credit where it is due, Guthrie looked good again, Devlin did very well marauding down the right wing and Lehy again looked much improved.

What can I say about Kinsella, my goodness, for God sake give him a new contract. Like a terrior constant effort and energy.

I noticed how much communication is going on during a game now, really good, and the full backs were tucked in tight when out of possession making it harder to pass through us near the penalty box.

Two other topics, one should Cook come straight back in, in my opinion its a no for me, the style we are playing cause opposition defences so much trouble. Gordons movement and energy is excellent.

Final word, topic, the atmosphere at the Bank’s, there has been huge criticism on these forums and rightly so about how dead it can be but today I thought as soon as the team gave us something to get excited about (key part), we were all fantastic behind the goal upper and lower. It was much better.

I’m a stay away that is back, early bird purchased for me and my son and I was gald to shout for the boys today.


Chuffed. Relieved. Very pleased. UTS!


39 seconds on Quest this week.
Tragedy for the Cod Army