Fleetwood Town (H) 9th Mar, 3pm


Played well today and Kins, Guthrie and Zeli were all excellent - but big praise for Gordon. Not only did he run his balls off as usual and win plenty of headers against giant centre halves, but he is also a right little bastard. Niggles at defenders, leaves in little nudges off the ball and plays the ref, wastes time when we need it to be wasted.

Cookie will have a job getting back in for Sunderland.


Kins imense wins loads in the air against bigger players just an all great performance from all against a team with supposed playoff ambitions keep up Tuesday who knows


Thought we were great second half. Great passion and well organised.

Sad to hear a couple of numpty’s booing Leahy when he went off as well, he played great today.


I thought they were booing the decision to sub him? No?


No, some people always boo him, whatever he does. Never understood it myself.


I know, every player played at least well. It made such a big difference. With similar level on the field, team would be saved by now, but of course it has to be more complicated. It’s very tight at the end, but soon teams from relegation zone will stop winning and everything return to normal. So it’s better to be on the safe side. Side note, no loan player in the starting eleven, only players with expiring contract or signed for the next season. It could be a reason why team started to play better, after of course some adult talks in the dressing room.


99 away fans in an attendance of nearly 5k.

I assume there was a community/schools ticket offer on?


Less of a Cod Army, more of a Cod Platoon.


A hardworking,committed performance from everyone. As others have said Gordon did really well and plays the lone striker role well. A word also for Ferrier ,who although clearly not match fit, did a job for us.I am more hopeful about the games ahead now …perhaps a draw on Tuesday is a possibility.


A word for Scarr. Irrespective of getting a goal i think hes really growing into the role. Quite a “talker” on the pitch too.

He’s got something of a Tony Adams about him.


Yes. Over 40 Walsall primary schools took tickets this time round apparently. More of the same please.


Thank god for that because after seeing him at Coventry i was worried,


Dan Scarr

Chunkster has Quote of the Day.


It was me quoting from @SuperGabor mate i can’t take his credit :wink:


The community staff have done a good job there.


Ah yes - take it anyway mate :wink:


Our first 2-0 win home or away (any comp) since 4-3-2017.


No it isn’t. It’s heavily reliant on every player giving 110 percent. We are better off with this system and the top scorer in the team. And that doesn’t even mean dropping Gordon.


What’s a result. That could be the difference. If we get a result out of the next three it leaves us needing two or three wins and then safety. UTS.


Ah yes, thats what it is, they’re just trying harder. I get it now, why didn’t Keates tell them to try harder sooner?

Anyway, I’m not going to infect this thread, I’ve been right so far, I’m going to leave it there and we will soon see the proof once his suspension is over.