Flynn Hokey Cokey

9 places from the bottom, and 8 from the bottom 2. We’re in the 2/3 of the table. I’m severely disappointed, but not overly worried (yet).

I think the Hartlepool gave people false hope. I think we can judge better once we get some of the injured players back.


Noticed this lately with Flynn


He could not motivate an alcoholic to go on a whiskey tour atm.


How on earth are those board members still there?

Its an amateur setup. Not naming names but one in particular has the communication skills of a child. He is in no way suited to the position he holds. Its hard to believe he was hired in the first place. He is a massive loser, defeatest and an excuse machine.

New owners just mask the long time problems weve had at the club.


Let’s go round again! Baby we’ll turn back the hands of tiiiime

Regardless of circumstances form is simply not acceptable.

Needs to change and fast.

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:joy: never heard that one before.I know mate he’s obviously down because we haven’t won in god knows how long and because he has an injury list as long as his arm which is impacting his selection and because the ones that are out there aren’t doing enough(probably because they have no competition for their places).But that all said he does need to stop sulking about it and do everything he can with what he has at his disposal at this moment in time.He’ll probably start getting a few of them back then get sacked I’ve seen that on plenty of occasions.Maybe if he gets sacked the next man will play a different way with the players we have at present and get results who knows but who that man could be is beyond me.

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Has Flynn considered why we have so many injuries? Who recruited the physio team? Who instructed the quacks that take semi seasons to provide a diagnosis? Injuries are all part and parcel of the weak management structure at the club.

Is Flynn an achiever!? I get he took Newport to two playoff finals but he fell at the final hurdle, both times,without actually scoring a goal. He hasn’t got a promotion on his CV so I think it is stretching the imagination a little to say he is an achiever.

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Being a Walsall fan I’d see two trips to Wembley as achieving :smile:


Stupid stupid post , maybe a Pomlett out thread would be more fitting?


I’ve always wondered how long it would take for the fickle few thousand to turn their back.

I wondered “nah few hundred at least”. Can’t be too soon!

But nah. I walsall fans never disappoint. After a few months of prewarnings. People saying guys, this looks bad, it’s taken under a month.

Under a month for the happy clappers to go from “how can you doubt them” to “what can you expect”.

Under a month for the same old issues to raise their head.

Under a month for people to stop trusting and to start blaming one bloke.

I wonder how long it will take for people to realise the real problem at this club :thinking:


So we not allowed to question the manager who makes all the footballing decisions, after no win in 9 games.


We weren’t preseason!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Pomlett is the problem, his arrogance stinks the place out and he needs to be gone asap.

I absolutely refuse to blame Flynn for this, I think he’s tried his best but the budget can’t deliver.

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Didnt realise we had no win in 9 games in pre season, sorry my mistake :flushed:

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: wow, What a dodge. Fair play. Didn’t see that coming when people said we/the signings look shite!

Not ideal Flynn saying 5 or 6 of the current team wouldn’t be playing if there were no injuries. Hardly going to motivate them is it?


How is MF doing in terms of pts per game since his arrival? Where does this leave us over a course of a season?

It’s not pre-season anymore.

PS Why do you always laugh at your own comments? Is there something wrong with you?

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