Forest Green (A) Feb 8th, 3pm

Preview to follow, hopefully.

  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • FGR Win

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Can’t see us winning unfortunately, not that it really matters.

For the players thought, they need to get their backsides in gear, they only get paid win/draw bonuses if we finish in the top half of the table.

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Theym having a bad run and weem mentally strong and respond well to defeats. And there’s no difference between the bottom and the top but we can’t compete with them on budget. And even though we’ve been ■■■■ and got ommered by Salford and Cheltenham, from a couple of dismal performances, we haven’t been ommered all season.

So based on al that analysis, I’m going for 0-3

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Our season is over according to our manager so anything could happen? No pressure etc

Forest Green in February. Already pointless and most likely a defeat.

And people wonder why some are “already” disillusioned with the club in general, whether it be Clarke, Pomlett, the players, whoever.


Does anyone no how many we are taking tomorrow?

Think it’s about 800 +?

Another good turnout then

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Scores? Thoughts?

They have not been in the best of form them self, lost 4-1 too Carlisle other week as well in the mix.

Im going 2-1 home win…never been so another ground too tick off…

Its not far away but the place its self is miles from any real town, Stroud is closest i think about 6 mile…

There should be 1k of us in the end id imagine…Bang on support, lets hope we don’t line up a puzzling team and actually get the ball down and give them a decent game


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I do not know too much about them so i am going for a 2-0 win for us. I hope so anyway. We should be doing better than teams like that. I am not going. Too skint. UTS.

Make sure you ask for a steak pie and packet of pork scratchings at half time.


You’ll have a job, the food stuff is outside the ground in a marquee, so depends if they’ll let you out to get it

Some of our players can barely kick a ball with a pair of 250 quid boots on never mind flip flops and sandals. Yet another defeat to yet another club we just cant compete with at this level.

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I hope we win but cannot see it happening…0-2 for me.

Expecting goals tomorrow 5 out the last 5 games have had over 2.5 goals for FGR and 6 out of the last 7 have had over 2.5 goals for us also similar figures on the both teams to score stats too so I’m going 2-2 draw

Not a 1.25-all draw?

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Just recieved an email from the club sending me details of tomorrow’s game at veggy FGR. They have a picture of a Saddlers crowd with a large banner advertising Lakeland Lamb and Beef above them. :thinking: :sheep: :ox:

Injury-free game and one, even the slightest, reason to be happy after 90 minutes. Probably it will be cup of tea and some sweets, but who knows.

No milk in the tea though - it’s not vegan! :cow:

:grinning:I have too…I wonder if it is deliberate!!

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